Monday, October 09, 2006

The End of the Reagan Revolution

Goddamn it, Foley!


Cassandra said...

OK, I laughed :)

But seriously, don't you think all this Foley crap is a *bit* overblown spd? I mean come ON. There have been sex scandals since the dawn of time. On the Richter Scale of sex scandals, this is.... what?

A 2? Mebbe a 2.5? All the "will the rethuglican party survive" handwringing has got to stop. When we won in 2004, if you'll recall, I think we both agreed this was about the WORST thing that could have happened to the party. All we are seeing now is the inevitable thrashing around that happens when one party has been in the ascendancy too long.

Ebb 'n flow baby. It's disgusting, and
sad, and all those other things, but frankly I'm finding it hard to see how this is any worse than any number of other dumb things that have happened over the past three years.

Just to put this into perspective, I have to wonder how many young girls have been abused over the decades and suddenly been spirited away from Capitol Hill with morning sickness or some even more lovely consolation prize, and no one has given a rat's a**?

Yeah, I thought so.

Wrong is wrong and there is no denying it, but let's not pretend this is virgin territory for either party, so to speak.

Sorry for the rant :) I just don't know which disgusts me more - Foley and his peccadiloes or the folks who would have excused them in a heartbeat if they'd occurred on their side of the aisle in the name of protecting the sexual privacy and abortion rights of minors (because let's not forget that's EXACTLY what many of the people calling for resignations advocate - policies that make it impossible to catch people like Foley). As usual, they don't want people like Foley to prey on minors but they don't really want the police to catch them either.

Remind you of another national debate we're having?

spd rdr said...

It's not the Bang that I so despise.
It's the Whimper.

Cassandra said...

Sadly the wisecrack that springs to mind is in poor taste, so I'll pass.

I hate getting older.

Pile On® said...

Email it to me, I am just a mere 39. I will post it.

Cassandra said...

I believe you would, Pile :)
Ah, the energy of youth.

KJ said...

Wow. I'm the baby here.