Friday, March 02, 2007

Bravo, Mr. Cavett*

“Your life isn’t given,” I remember him saying, “it’s brutally ripped away from you. You’re no good to your buddies dead, and when the bullets start pouring in you don’t give a goddamn about God, country, Yale, your loved ones, the last full measure of devotion or any other of that Legionnaire patriotic crapola. You just want you and your buddies to see at least one more sunrise.”

A worthwhile read, if for no other reason than Mr. Cavett's nearly perfect writing.

*Please note that this post reflects the author's views, and not necessarily those of Management. Respectfully, Portia


spd rdr said...

You can only read it if you pay The New York Times for the privilege.

Nice photo, though. Proud to have The Man grace Heigh-ho's front page.

-spd rdr

portia said...

I thought the photo would help.

Forgot about the pay per view nazis at the NYT. I'd cut and paste the piece but I wouldn't want the owber of this blog to get least not for that.

I'll try to figure something.

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