Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Race to the Bottom

Hello America. Senator John McCain* here.

Citizens, it's come to my attention that the dang-blasted foolhardy traitorous bias of the eastern liberal media has decided that my ability to raise campaign funds to steer the country into a new dimension has been hampered by the appearance of that plain-speaking down home good ol' boy, Fred Thompson. What's wrong with you? Don't y'all remember what happen the last time you elected an actor? Oh, you do? Well, just don't hold the fish on that line longer than it takes for the worm to wriggle out, if you know what I mean.

You've probably guessed that I can talk just like folks, better'n Fred, too, and do it with a mouthful of marbles. Here's the plain truth: Fred hasn't yet decided to run for President. Golly, he might decide to run for dogcatcher, or even Justice of the Peace. Heck, Fred might even be able to marry your daughter on Tuesday nights...after five! In an Elvis costume!

Do you really want to give your money to a man who wears an Elvis costume to your daughter's wedding? 'course not.

Now you just pay no attention to all that heehaw jabbering in them danged eastern newspapers. All I can say is that this here John Deere's not about to break down in the final rows of harvest. No sir-ree. I'll betcha that. So them Harvard Yard diddlin' wordsmiths come out with yet another story that says this cowboy is a-droppin' outta the race....well, I'll tell you true: They're just plain smoking wacky weed.

Sure, I got some sores from the Supreme Court knocking the guts out the election reforms me and my 'pard Feingold pushed through Congress like a herd of longhorns across the Red River. And yep, my stance on that dang-blabbed Immigration Reform Bill isn't going to win me any friends down in the holler. But, neighbors, I was absolutely forced to vote with Obama and Hillary to allow illegal immigration to continue unabated, otherwise them good peoples in Fargo wouldn't be able to order a "cervaza frio" just like we do down here in Tucson and Washington, D.C., without being misunderstood. That's what I call progress for America.

Others might say that I'm out of touch with America. Goldangy, no, neighbors.

America is out of touch with me.

Out of touch with me.

An' you can bet the farm on it.

*John McCain is a true hero worthy of our respect and admiration for his service to this nation and for his courage under the harshest of conditions as a prisoner of war. I do not mean, in any way, to diminish the Senator's contributions to the United States of America through this careless bit of snark commentary. While Mr. McCain has plainly met his duty, ten times over, it reamins that he and I have parted company on many a burning issue. I make no apology that I do not find him to be a viable candidate for the office of Chief Executive, and I expect that he would think far less of me should I do so. Fortunately, for Senator McCain, the number of people that read this site is approximately the same as the number of Supreme Court Justices that voted to quash McCain- Feingold's bill's ban of "issue ads."

Irrepective of our political differences, and they are vast, should I ever have the opportunity to meet the man in person I shall immediately snap to attention and crisply salute him. He is ours.

Go Navy.


camojack said...

I love the picture...it's so apt.

What to say about McCain? The boy's got spunk, regardless of how misguided...

Pile On® said...

I agree with Hugh Hewitt who says McCain is a great American, a lousy senator and a terrible Republican

spd rdr said...

That pretty much sums it up, Pile.

Cassandra said...

Yes, but the man does a mean Babs Streisand impersonation. You can't take that away from him.

Anonymous said...

"You got spunk, Mary. I hate spunk." - Ed Asner as Lou Grant.

"The Nightingale's Song", still a good read after all these years.
John McCain. Ollie North. Jim Webb. Bob McFarlane. John Poindexter.
My wife switched from a Democrat to Republican voter to vote for McCain in the 2000 primary.
Funny how things turn out sometimes.

-Don Brouhaha

Cassandra said...

My wife switched from a Democrat to Republican voter to vote for McCain in the 2000 primary.

...and she still voted for a Democrat... :)

[bada boom, bada bing]

Pile On® said...

Although spd, if I had to choose for my daughters if they were to be a great American, Senator or Republican, I would choose American.

portia said...

If they were Democrats, Pile, they could be both....

[rim shot]

Pile On® said...

Yeah, I suppose so.

Fifty years ago.

My daughters are both under three.