Thursday, November 22, 2007


There is a time for some things,
and time for all things;
a time for great things,
and a time for small things.

-Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Don Quixote, Part ii. Chap. xxxv

Thank you, Father, for Thy blessings, great and small. And for those with whom I share Your heavenly bounty. Thank you for my time among Your children, and may You keep them in Your sight forever and ever. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.
Be well.


Cassandra said...

Happy Thanksgiving, mr rdr and Portia.

If I haven't said so before, thank you for the laughs and the entertaining fare here at Heigh Ho.

camojack said...

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I spent the whole week in SoCal...

Pooke said...

Enjoy as much heavenly bounty as He bewilst you to enjoy!

Much to you and yours!