Saturday, May 28, 2005

Of Course. It's Florida.

From Friday's Wall Street Journal:

LOTTO LOVE: So, a woman in Orange City, Fla., is suing the father of her child for more of his $35 million lottery winnings, some of which have already been allocated to her sister -- who is the man's ex-wife and also had his child. What's even more astounding in Wednesday's Orlando Sentinel account of the suit is the domestic setup before Robert G. Swofford Jr. made his wife Ann and her sister Mary Lackey leave the house they and the kids all shared with him until 2002. Ms. Lackey claims that the ladies also had to pack up and cart away 40 turkeys, 150 chicks and a goat.

I know what your thinking.
"What's up with the goat?"


portia said...

Oh my. It usually requires more than a turkey and a couple of chicks to render a New Yorker speechless. Well done.
Now for the bad news: We don't stay quiet for very long...goat or no goat:)

KJ said...

Lottery winnings will do that. The more chicks you have, the more you have to share.

spd rdr said...

But what's with the goat?

portia said...

In case they run out of hot dogs....