Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Losing My Patience With These Idiots...Fast

Well, if they were up your ass you'd know.


Pile On® said...

Some say we have to offer these asshats a carrot up the ass, others say it must be a stick.

I dunno.

I just don't know.

spd rdr said...

Just so long as we don't hurt anybody's feelings.

camojack said...

¡Pinche puñeta pendejo!
(Y muy feo, también...)

Cassandra said...

I just spit coffee all over the place.

Bully. i'm not even awake yet.

Pile On® said...

Probably our policy toward this guy needs to be both carrot and stick. Now, it should not be a unilateral approach, but we should build a broad coalition of nations who can all negotiate their many carrots and many sticks into his ass.

a former european said...

Yes, yes! Give him many beatings! Beatings are pleasing to Allah, whether done by carrots or sticks.

-- Mullah Moqtada Mulay Omar bin Sadr

Anonymous said...

Some day soon, they will grow and build a bigger carrot, and it will be the biggest carrot ever. It had to be done, they will say.
And it will be tied to a stick, and of course, the stick will be bigger than any stick before.
And what will they do with such a giant carrot and stick? Can they be trusted with such a thing? Can the UN Security Council address the problems inherent in having such a large carrot and such a large stick in the nads of untrustworthy men?
Does the carrot need to be pre-emptively up-rooted (do we need a bigger rabbit?), and the stick broken, before it is used against us? Can we wait?
Perilous times, indeed.

-Don Brouhaha

Anonymous said...

Screw the carrot, flypaper will do. What a maroon.

benning said...

Well, what about the Corned Beef Brisquet, eh?