Sunday, March 19, 2006

Famous Last Words

"Oh what the hell, I only live next door."


portia said...

Could be worse, spd. You could have broken out the Grappa, too. Oh, you didn't, did you? Before or after the Jamesons?

I suggest you begin with large quanties of water, chased with several spicy Bloody Marys, some eggs benedict, a bagel or two (with lox, of course:)), and then park yourself in your favorite chair: The Red Sox are hosting the Orioles at 1PM. See, all is not lost.

And next time remember: Avoid hangovers, stay drunk.

spd rdr said...

The breakfast conversation should be interesting, should I live that long.

portia said...

Maybe you should entertain the gathered with your St. Patrick's Day story of the one-armed fiddler and the older woman, or was it the one-legged woman and the older fiddler? That should distract them until the game starts or the Bloody Mary's kick in:)

You think you have a headache now, just be thankful you don't live in Brooklyn today. The annual St. Patrick's Day Parade--with more marching school bands than should be allowed in one borough--will be passing under my window shortly. If not for the "pipers in kilts," I'd rather spend the day in the Bronx...heck, the South Bronx:)

Hang in there, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

You're a sadspud today. Indeed.


Perhaps I should send you a copy of my new book to read while recovering:
"An Army of Dweeby Guys on the Internet that Dress Alike"

It won't help your hangover, but I'm sure it will impress you with my intellectual prowess.

-"Don Brouhaha"

spd rdr said...

Please autograph the copy Don. I'll treasure it forever.