Friday, August 25, 2006

It Ain't the Lips, Honey

Cassandra and the ladies are all in a tizzy/snit about something that somebody said about conservative women having skinny lips. I'm not kidding.

Seeing as today I have nothing to say on that particular matter (or any other particular matter), I thought that I might just stir up some trouble.

But there's not a whole lot of trouble out there waiting for me to get into, it seems.

I'm not kidding.

Maybe you folks could come up with some ideas?



Cassandra said...

Just like a little boy who was told not to touch a hot stove. You just can't help yourself, can you?

Didn't anyone ever tell you to let sleeping brunettes lie, mr rdr?

Cassandra said...

...oh, and to add insult to injury, he has a redhead and a brunette around, and he puts a blonde up.

Nice going, big guy.

[little foot tapping]

Cassandra said...

Portia, do you want me to hold him?

spd rdr said...

Doesn't my pinup girl remind you of well fed Anne Coulter wigging out on a cocktail of meth, zoloft, and union "flu?"
Yo, Starbucks! Set 'em up all around. Mind the lipstick.

Cassandra said...

Umm... yeah. And I'm sure that's exactly what you were thinking of, too.


spd rdr said...

Well, no, I wasn't thinking "exactly" about that. That's what makes it funny.

spd rdr said...

Assuming the same, mind you.

portia said...

Oh yes we got trouble,
Right here in Heigh Ho City!
With a capital "T" and that
rhymes with "P" and that stands for....

Well, it looks like I'm too late--you managed to find a heap of trouble on your own...or vice versa:)

Now I know why my father spent so much time in his workshop. Check out the wrench on Miss June.

spd rdr said...

The shotgun is in the front hall closet, next to the umbrellas, please don't disturb the golf clubs, and for God's sake, aim high.

Pile On® said...

So....are you kidding spd?

spd rdr said...

It depends, Pile, as I am sure KJ would agree.

spd rdr said...

Uh oh.

portia said...

It depends, Pile."

Which is why I won't even ask the question that the title of this post begs: If "[i]t ain't the lips, honey" what is it?

P.S. The shotgun is in the front hall closet, next to the umbrellas, please don't splatter the rug or my mink, and for God's sake, aim low(er). Mid-trunk? Perfect.

Cass, is that offer still good?

portia said...

Uh oh

Ohhh. Tells me we're bumping up to spd's "trouble" quotient.
You guys are so easy.

camojack said...

That pinup gal sure do look crazed, don't she?!

Should I explore the lips possibilities?
(Nah, prob'ly not...)

Cassandra said...

Oh absolutely Portia. But you should know that the "should I hold him" comment was edited three times to make it more family friendly (and also to avoid inadvertently rewarding certain regrettable behavior).

Let's just say spanking was mentioned and leave it at that. It's not always easy avoiding the unintended double entendre.

Because we all know I would never do that sort of thing on purpose.