Sunday, July 01, 2007

Spill the Beans Time

thanks to the Princess, who has forgotten to remember that one reason I don't have my own blog is to nix any chance I might be tagged for one of these smarmy blog chain thingys. So much for flying under the radar....I guess the fact that spd gave me a set of keys to his "graffiti wall" qualifies me--in some version of blog etiquette--to share in all the blog pain fun. Thanks guys. Your collective munificence has not gone unnoticed. I *owe* you. Both.

I know Cass' meme comes with instructions to follow before one hands over the family jewels but I rarely read instructions, much less follow them. Nowadays, you need instructions in order to read the instructions (NB: the 156 page "booklet" that accompanied by new cell phone) so I'll leave that part of the assignment to spd, along with any talk of "family jewels." Have at it, buddy.

Drumroll, please:

1. I rarely read instructions, much less follow them. Through the decades, this has been a huge time saver, and except for a school test or two, and the time I tried to put together our home theater solo, it hasn't gotten me into trouble (yet) but seemingly bugs the sh*t out of everyone else.

2. I voted for Richard Nixon in 1972. Hey, I was young and foolish.

3. I was a Red Sox fan in 1975. See comment to number 2, above. I also blame the fact that I was living in Boston, and dating a rabid Red Sox fan (why is it that there are no other kind?) Of course, watching Fred Lynn play all season didn't hurt either. See comment to number 2, a fortiori. That said, I continue to believe that the 1975 World series was the most exciting series EVER played. Well, that is until the 2004 World Series but by then I was less young, and no longer foolish. Still, Pudge will forever have a place in this now steeled Yankee fan's heart.

4. I prefer sex in the morning (yes, there are no pictures....)

5. I am late for work most every day (see um...nevermind)

6. I blush very easily. See numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5, above.

7. I HATE cilantro more than I hate the Cincinnati Reds (see number 3, above). At least the Reds serve a purpose by making the MFY look good; the world can do without an ubiquitous weed herb that tastes like dolls' hair.

8. I don't even know 8 bloggers but I'm fond of commenter, Don aka Anonymous. Just saying....

If you've scrolled this far, here's a bonus entry for your effort: spd is an honorary member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. Pass it on....

Posted by Portia


spd rdr said...

Well! If you had stayed a Red Sox fan you'd be in first place!

Okay, now am I supposed to do something?

portia said...

Yeah, and I'd be 30 years older, plus several "rings" short. No thanks.

Yes, your turn to pony up, big guy.

Anonymous said...

I grew up a Cincinnati Reds fan, and I'll die a Reds fan; this terrible year notwithstanding. My earliest memory of baseball fandom was the '61 World Series between the 'phpht, gag' Yankees and the Reds (Yankees won in 5).

Who are these Red Sox and Yankees you speak of? Are they soccer teams? :D

Don Brouhaha, still anonymous after all these years

Carlton Fisk is a great fella, no matter whose uniform he wears.

Cassandra said...

Thank you Portia, for being a good sport. That was wonderful. :)


I am sorry I tagged you, but I wanted you to play. And I didn't expect you to tag 8 other bloggers anyway. I just wanted to see your answers.

portia said...

All in good fun, Miss Cass, even if I had to fess up to the blog world that I don't know the names of 8 bloggers. I gotta get out more...or is it stay in more?

portia said...

Don Brouhaha, still anonymous after all these years

Not anymore Mr. Don. You've been tagged.

BTW, sorry for dissing your hometown team. It truly was the Big Red Machine in its day. Heck, if it wasn't I wouldn't still be grousing about 'em:)

As a peace offering, let me say that I think Joe Morgan is one of the best baseball announcers on ESPN. Better?

Anonymous said...

Little Joe is one of the smartest guys to ever step between the white lines, and one of the few to be able to express his ideas clearly on TV, no mistake about that.

Peace offering? There aren't any peace offerings in baseball, and no crying either. :)

You can't tag me, I don't have a blog (whatsa blog?).

Have a happy Fourth of July. I'm off to Paris to be ridiculed by my French masters. Hrumph!

Don Brouhaha

Last thought: I heard this on Sat. night as the Columbus Symphony, Boyce Lancaster (who?) did the narration of Copland's "Lincoln Portrait":

"That this nation of the people
By the people
And for the people
Shall not perish from the earth"

Words to live by, and live for, now as surely as 1863.

portia said...

You can't tag me, I don't have a blog...

Pppfffttt. I tried that excuse already, Don, and you know how well that worked. Consider yourself still tagged but with a reprieve until you return from vacation. Maybe then you'll have a new entry or two:)

Travel safe, Monsieur Brouhaha. Enjoy the Old Masters, and the steak frites.

Cassandra said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Don. I will miss you :)

I am jealous. July in Paris. I'm hoping to get over to Spain this Fall - not sure when yet. Actually I want to go to Baghdad too and surprise you-know-who but I have a feeling he would never forgive me for that. He is patient with my hijinx, but not *that* patient. We'll see.

Maybe Kuwait.

camojack said...

Re: #7; I do not like cilantro when used in excess...I've not tasted dolls' hair, but it reminds me of old dishrag.