Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bridge to Nowhere Update

G.O.P. Strips Mandatory Funding for Two Alaskan Bridges
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Mandatory funding for
two controversial bridge projects in Alaska -- including the ridiculed ``bridge to nowhere'' -- has been stripped from a federal spending bill, a congressional committee said on Wednesday.

In an unusual move to change ``pork'' spending, House-Senate negotiators removed the $432 million in required spending during final talks on a yearly bill to fund programs for the Transportation and Treasury departments, the House Appropriations Committee said.

As a compromise, Alaska will still receive the money that had been set aside for the bridges to spend as it likes on transportation needs.

Congressional negotiators were under pressure from lawmakers and fiscal watchdogs to address concerns about mandatory spending on pet projects. The bridges had become symbols of egregious spending during an era of record budget deficits.
The quarter-mile $223 million ``bridge to nowhere'' span got its nickname because it connects the port town of Ketchikan to neighboring Gravina Island, population 50. That and the other $209 million bridge - dubbed ``Don Young Way'' in Anchorage - could still be built but now must compete with other transportation funding priorities in the state.

That's right folks! We deserve a great big pat on the back!
We saved you folks a whole lotta money by not blowing it on a couple bridges in Alaska!
Whaddya mean that letting Alaska blow the same amount of money on whatever it likes isn't really a "savings?" Obviously, you don't know much about congressional budget making do you, boy. Whjy don't you just go sit down and let us take care of the country's business, okay?
Oh, and don't go talking to us about how the the country is going broke. As long as you have a job, we'll NEVER go broke!

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If I were really witty, this is where I'd make some twee comment about the lockbox or something. But frankly I'm just stunned into more than my usual incoherence.