Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Message To You?

Virginia's Governor Elect Tim Kaine

Stop your messing around
Better think of your future
Time you straightened right out
Creating problems in town

Rudy, a message to you
Rudy, a message to you

-The Specials
It appears from the news this morning that Virginia has "sent a message" to Washington. Specifically, by electing Democrat Lt. Governor Tim Kaine to succeed Democrat Governor Mark Warner, we Virginians have announced that we hate George Bush and are seceeding from the Union until the whole Valerie Plame thing blows over.


In 2001, one year after Virginia went solidly for Bush, we elected Democrats as both Governor and Lt. Governor. In 2005, one year after again going solidly for Bush, Virginia elected a Democrat Governor and a Republican Lt. Governor. Republicans still enjoy an overwhelming majority in the General Assembly.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Main Stream Media, but this election was not about Washington. It was about local state elections should be. Both Kaine and Kilgore are good men, but neither Kaine nor Kilgore was a great candidate. Both ran less than stellar campaigns, and neither could energize the electorate. (Although Kilgore's campaign was a bit sleazier and turned off a good many independants, it was mild when compared to that run by that scumbag Corizine the newly elected Governor of New Jersey.) Voter turnout was low, despite perfect weather, leading me to believe that the Republicans shot themselves in the foot by gerryingmandering so many unopposed races as to keep GOP voters home.

In the end, the race had much more to do with the popularity of Gov. Mark Warner than anything else. Things are good in the Old Dominion. There's nothing to be angry about here. Yesterday, Virginia voted for more of the same. That's it.

But the truth doesn't necessarily sell newspapers.


portia said...

Based on what you tell me, I'm sure you are right (as usual:))

Yet even assuming it was about local stuff, Bush's 11th hour visit to garner votes for Kilgore did add an element of Washington to the mix. If I were a Republican strategist, I'd be asking the question: Does Bush's ability to galvanize the Dems trump his ability to rally the Republicans? If so, Bush may have some time on his hands come the mid-term elections: Thanks Mr. President, but I'll take it from here...

spd rdr said...

That question was raised prior to Mr. Bush's visit by many wogs. I think Kilgore had to take whatever risks were necessary because he had really bungled his own campaign. I don't think that reports of "Bush galvanizing Democrats" are accurate. Bush haters were going to vote Democrat anyway, but many Republicans (such as yours truly) were tepid towards Kilgore. Independant thinkers, such as mrs. rdr, were totally ticked off at Kilgore for his attack ads (such as one saying that,because of Kaine's personal and religious opposition to capital punishment, he wouldn't even execute Adolph Hitler. How stupid can you get?).

I have have met both these men on numerous occasions and have worked with their offices and staffs. Kaine's a good man and will do a fine job. The outcome of these races will have no impact on next years elections, no matter how much the Dems wish it were otherwise.

portia said...

Agreed spd, an imperfect indicator at best but the results are in, so let the spin begin:)

I wonder too what today's headlines would be heralding if Kilgore had won? Instead of Stinging Defeats for GOP Come at Sensitive Time we'd be reading GOP Scores Decisive Victory on Heels of Bush's Richmond Rally Hmmm?

Warner appears to be the big winner last night. Does he have dinner plans in '08?

spd rdr said...

The scuttlebutt around the political watercooler is that Warner may elect to skip the 2008 presidential race if Hillary looks like a shoe-in for the Dem nomination. Mark has quite an ego and playing second fiddle to Hill doesn't look to be on his dance card. Many believe that he might take another run at the Governor's mansion (he can do that after sitting out a term) and then perhaps go for the top job. Of course, if George Allen takes the White House in '08, his senate seat will suddenly open up. I understand Mark Warner has a good friend in the Governor's Mansion for the next four years, too.