Monday, January 09, 2006

If You Still Had Any Doubts...

Marcus Vick.

But, thanks to your belated actions, Coach Beamer, at least he'll never become a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and thus besmirch the reputation of every other young man and woman that spilt their blood, not on the grid iron, but in the laboratories and the libraries of that fine Univerity, and on the field of battle in service to their nation.

Oh, I 've still got "issues" with you, Coach Beamer. You and the brain trust at Tech pawned all your principles for the slimy buck that comes with prime-time, showcase football. I hope y'all can now find a price to put on character. Your stewardship of this public University, as pertains to your lapse of judgement concerning this individual, is "under concerted review" and expect a subpoena from we parents for the contents of your underwear drawer. That sound you hear at the bank? That's the sound of alumni wallets slamming shut. You screwed up. You embarassed us. We told you so two years ago.

Never. Ever. Ever. Again. The people of Virginia, the parents of Virginia, will NOT stand for any such future acceptance of the kind of thugish crap that we have seen from Mr. Vick and others involved with the Hokie, the very PROUD, Hokie football program. Clean it up. Now. Or we will clean house.

We send our children to you so that you might teach them, might make them into honest, caring, productive citizens. Can you honestly say that your stewardship of Marcus Vick has produced even a single one of those attributes? The Univerity's blind acceptance of the continued and unrepentant anti-social behavior of Marcus Vick poses genuine questions as to who is running the asylum. Virginia will expect answers. And y'all can well expect to be made to feel as uncomfortable as we do.

Consider the whole administration as being on probation.
Double Secret Probation.

But don't you dare smile, assholes.
I'm not. Virginia is not.

Good day.


Cassandra said...


I've been afraid to even call my brother-in-law about this. After this, I think I'll just bide my time.. :)

I'm thinking we need some sort of halfway house for football players to help them work and play well with the rest of society.

spd rdr said...

A halfway house is a great idea. How about something between Paris Island and Quantico?

Anonymous said...

Consider yourselves lucky.

You don't have to read about Maurice Clarett all the time, as some do in a certain city.

Boys will be boys, eh?

"Don Brouhaha" (?)

portia said...

spd, I appreciate the rdr family's Hokie allegiance, but the sound of the alumini checkbook "slamming" won''t mean a good g*d damn--for Virginia Tech--or any of its collegiate peers--unless the NFL closes its pocketbook, too. If Vick is drafted by the Pros--if he is allowed to be drafted-- the message is clear: The yards you rush are more important than any "law" you 'dis.

In other words, to rephrase Renee Zellweger, "You had me when you put on that helmet...."

Cassandra said...

How about something between Paris Island and Quantico?

Actually I hear Richmond is lovely in the Spring :)

spd rdr said...

Hmmm, I'd better check up on my geography. :-)

Actually, Portia, if some NFL team picks this guy up, it'll be for real cheap, and with a thousand strings attached. He's just too dangerous to have wearing your franchise logo. He's probably done now.