Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Is Eight Minutes In Light Years?

Do you have eight minutes to be chilled? No, not the hep kind of "chilled," but the other kind - the goose-bump kind- the kind where you sink into your deepest ruminations and think: "Holy crap, can that really happen?"

Portia was kind enough to dump such an experience into my mailbox this morning. It's a flash movie entitled "EPIC 2014." It's not new, having come out in 2004, but I've must have been asleep since then. The movie has evidently become a worldwide smash. And I think you will find it deservedly so.

We know how the internet has exploded in personalized communications the last few, short, years. I blog. You blog. The world blogs. We bookmark. We choose our inputs. We choose our news. What, then, is the logical extension of such instant, insular behavior? Could it be this? And if, so, who will gain from that social trend? The movie poses a reality too...close... to ignore out of hand.

And if you're a libertarian, what's wrong with this future?
Why the hell not?
Why the hell not.

Good questions.


Pile On® said...

I don't understand the question? Minutes is a measure of time while light years is a unit of distance. Okay....I'll go check out the link now.

spd rdr said...

By all means, P.O.
Then explain my question to me.

Pooke said...

What?! An interesting movie?

Pile On® said...

So long does this thing take to load? A light year?

Anonymous said...

Web address for Flash version of EPIC 2014. This doesn't take as long to load (?).

"Don Brouhaha" (?)

Anonymous said...

WEb address EPIC 2015.

I am much more concerned about the virus(es) and spyware that keep getting downloaded into my computer that make my OS just about inoperable.

"Don Brouhaha" (?)

spd rdr said...

I ran the thing through Norton, Don. It's clean.

Anonymous said...

I mean the viruses, etc. that my son keeps loading on my computer by playing "Runescape", rather than the premise of EPIC 2014.
Spam, viruses, spyware, adware, etc., threaten to crash the whole internet in a few years, as they seem to keep expanding exponentially, like yeast growth.

However, the premise of EPIC 2014 seems to be a very real (unpleasant) possibility, in that
1) everybody seems to be pushing Internet commerce
2) Internet transactions require personal information (IP address, home address, etc.) that seem impossible to keep out of public data bases.
Someone is going to glue this all together to turn "big bucks".
Which is one reason I post "anonymously", to keep my home IP out of the public domain, to some limited extent.

So anyway, what's with Cassandra ditching VC and blogging with that Ivy-league guy Catbird?

Anonymous said...

"Don Brouhaha", above (duh)

spd rdr said...

Don, Cass has become a full-fledged itinerant blog-sage, rambling from blog to blog, never settling down. Cass is now a true "Free Bird" living up to her blog nom de plume. Heh.

I've had great success with the brat's computers by forcing them to use Mozilla Firefox rather than MS Explorer. You can't ever stop it, but it slows it down. And you're right: It's that there is a buck to made on giving us what we want that makes "Epic" such an ultimate reality. And I still don't know what's wrong with that...other than it is very, very, frightening.

Cassandra said...

Catbird, Don ??? :)

That is not permanent, although I do seem to have been there a long time. Certainly longer than I intended. I only agreed to sub for 10 days while he was in Australia, but they have asked me to stay and it's been kind of fun.

I don't imagine I'll keep this up forever.

You can stop laughing, Pile.

Anonymous said...

WHy the hell not? Whoa buddy. RSS, EPIC, then what?


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