Monday, January 23, 2006

Translation: Run Like Hell


Cassandra said...


That is vile beyond belief.

spd rdr said...

Now, Cass. Somebody's little old Grandma probably cast this... this... er... welcome thingy, the... er... cherub(?) of which is no doubt modeled after her own adorable little grandson, Ephraim Mordechai Honaeker, Jr. Fortunately, Grandma passed, peacefuly and mercifully shortly after her creation, in the blissful state of ignorance as to her artistic embarassment.

But I am too kind.

portia said...

I'm with Cass, WTF?
Did you take this with a camera phone...the kind with a self-timer? Next time, skip your lapel:)

*scampering away, quickly*

spd rdr said...

I found this on a Japanese photo blog.
Go figure what they made of it.