Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bye-Bye Little Dead Girl

If this keeps up my already-short blogroll is going to disappear altogether.

Michele Catalano, one of my favorite Yankee fans and a fellow Long Islander is hanging up her pop-culture blogging cleats at ASV.
And just before Halloween, too!!!!!!
It's just not fair.

Well, at least she'll still be popping up around the net with good reads from time to time...



Cassandra said...

She's guest-blogging for you?

I'm so jealous.

*running away*

portia said...

Good thing you said "one of your favorite Yankee fans...."

Pity. She's a damn fine writer, and provided many "laugh out loud" moments with her wickedly sardonic sense of humor. She'll be missed.

Michele said...

I'll be here and there and who knows where else ;)

spd rdr said...

Good news, kid.
See ya' around.