Thursday, October 27, 2005

Update To My Previous Post

I shouldn't have been so harsh about the president's using the internal documents issue as cover for the withdrawal. There wasn't a chance in hell of the Dems voting for Miers, and the battle over the release of privileged presidential papers was going to be real, long, and bloody. But the spin coming out the Senate demoncrats right now is making me ill.

I just watched Harry Reid on the news talking about how "the radical right wing" killed the nomination of this, fine capable and thoughly wonderful woman. Talk about your bullshit. I didn't support Miers nomination, and neither did many other conservatives. But at least we're not COMPLETE AND UTTER PHONIES about it like the Dems. And the worst part about this is that the Dems got their cake and now can eat it without having to spend a single cent of political capital. They'll be tanned and rested and ready to pluck out the eyes of the next nominee.
Two words, buttheads: "nuclear option." remember them well.

Now the little old liberal lady in the office is running around like a chicken without her head awaiting Bush to nominate Adolph Hitler to "appease the radical right wing." Oh please. Don't be so gullible. Bush has to please his conservative-moderate base, not the looney-toon fringe. But don't let me stop you from jumping off the ledge.

I am sick and tired of hearing the talking heads drool on about how "this is going to damage the presidency." Maybe...if the disaffected were Democrats. Those types eat their own. This was a family fight. Watch and see if you don't see a real re-unification of conservative support for the president.

Starting right here.

I understand and share her concern, however, about the current state of the Supreme Court confirmation process. It is clear that Senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents concerning advice provided during her tenure at the White House - disclosures that would undermine a President's ability to receive candid counsel. Harriet Miers' decision demonstrates her deep respect for this essential aspect of he Constitutional separation of powers - and confirms my deep respect and admiration for her.

*cough* bullshit *cough*


portia said...

Agreed. Miers has shown more responsibility withdrawing her name than Bush did in appointing her.

Smart move though on WH's part announcing her withdrawal today: It will be a one day story after tomorrow's news, and then she can return to being Harriet, who? once again.

KJ said...

I'm with you. Appoint a worthy candidate, and I'll take up arms.

spd rdr said...

That's two.

Cassandra said...

Miers has shown more responsibility withdrawing her name than Bush did in appointing her.

Interesting thought. I agree that she did the right thing by withdrawing, but if you think she did the "responsible thing", then just exactly how was it "responsible" of the White House Counsel to accept this appointment in the first place?

A question no one seems to have been asking, but which has been troubling me ever since her name went forward.

spd rdr said...

Well...she was the head of the search committee. Which should count for something...I guess.

portia said...

Actually, I think the explanation for the Miers withdrawal is not all BS. When the WH bumped up against Democrats and Republicans including Graham, Brownback and Thune demanding privileged documents, the nomination moved from "do over" to "game over."

Painful as it's been, I'm very pleased to see that the Republicans exercised some intellectual independence during this nomination process, and not walk lock-step just because....

Cassandra said...

No one ever asked them to do that. And some of this vaunted "intellectual independence" is going to come back and haunt some of the people who exercised it.

I am not in favor of exercising privilege simply by virtue of party affiliation. But executive privilege and confidentiality have long been a principles defended by conservatives. To see them suddenly abandon when it arbitrarily suits a transitory purpose is somewhat alarming.

Show me that a particular Rethug has ALWAYS taken that position and I'll applaud his or her integrity. I suspect that will not be the case, however, Portia. Republicans have been saying for years that the President's nominee deserved presumptive deference.

They turned that presumption on its head this time out by trying to scuttle this nomination BEFORE the hearing. That was just plain hypocritical and there is no other construction to put on it. I had (and have) no problem with defeating her in a fair fight. I think she needed to step down, and in fact I think she should have stepped down a few days ago when it became clear she was becoming an embarrassment. It is unclear to me why she delayed, although she may not have wanted to be bracketed with DeLay (yes, that was clever of me).

The documents thing *did* give her (and the President) a graceful way out.

a former european said...

About time. This should have happened weeks ago, but GWB first had to get over his sulking that conservatives DARED make a peep.

Although the debate within the conservative movement got acrimonious at times, I think it ultimately proved healthy. Once conservatives declared they had enough and weren't gonna take it no more, lo and behold the GOP started taking notice!

Now there is actually talk about reining in the "drunken sailor on shore leave" spending that GWB has allowed and encouraged to occur.

There is also movement on doing something to control our borders from illegal aliens, which GWB has thus far avoided.

It looks like a good ole Texas-sized boot up the backside is something politicians need from time to time to remind them of their principles. This time, it was conservatives giving GWB the wake-up call.

Assuming GWB gets the message (CEOs and ex-CEOs are so used to getting their way all the time, that they can sometimes be petulant as a toddler when thwarted), I concur with the previous posters that the conservatives will let bygones be bygones and back him to the hilt.

It was never a question of us not being willing to follow where he leads, but that he refused to lead. If he now says "Charge", you'll hear a thunderous "oorah" from the right.

BTW, Cass, did you read about the all-female beaches opening up in Egypt? Now you don't have to wear your burkha into the ocean! You can wear your bikini without revealing yourself to the eyes of men, and thus sinning against Allah. No word about whether you are still only allowed to speak when spoken to, though.

Cassandra said...

afe, bite me :) Too bad you won't see the hideous sight of me in my adorable little orchid-colored bikini (well, the suit *is* awfully pretty). I'll wave to you just before Greenpeace herds me back into the ocean so I can be with my own kind.

I have a feeling it wouldn't be only Allah's eyes that would be offended :) Good thing the Unit can't see worth a damn.


a former european said...

Don't worry, Cass! I will be sophisticated and nuanced like the French. I will simply blow the offending Greenpeace vessel right out of the water! Then I can be cool like Miterrand or whatever that bozos name was!

Masked Menace© said...

Blowing Vessels?

Sounds like somthing that should be happening on Thursdays over at The Cheese.

a former european said...

I am only permitted to lurk at the Reichskase (Gubmint cheese). KJ has banned me from posting by using the impenetrable verification system.