Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Never Too Busy...

"I don't know, honey. Let's just watch "The Apprentice."

Weird Contraception: Don't Try This at Home

NEW YORK (AP) - People have come up with bizarre, and often totally misguided, methods to prevent pregnancy over the years. Like wearing the testicles of a weasel on their thighs. Or amulets with desiccated cat livers or shards of bones. Some were advised to use elephant dung as a spermicide. And others used wads of seaweed as a female condom.

And remember, folks: Teaching your children about abstinence is just plain unnatural!

You sick freaks you!

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Cassandra said...

Personally I've always favored the "Wait until just before hubby turns out the lights to casually bring up a subject both of you have been avoiding so you won't get into a fight" Method... (aka the "Gotcha Honey! Method", it is widely favored among WASP females)

About once a year I try this out on the Unit, just to make sure it still works. I have to report a high success rate... that evening, at least... resulting in an almost 100% bar to contraception unless the "discussion" process is more efficient than usual.

Unfortunately the rebound effects are not always desireable, leading to very little sleep and increased risk of conception for the next 3 or 4 nights in a row.