Saturday, October 01, 2005


Do not be listening to the comments in the previous post of Portia, a running lacky dog of the imperialistic hedgemonic pin striped purveyors of pap! Do not be believing that the Red Saox and Yankees will begin part two of the Mother of All Basball Battles at 1:25 this afternoon (EST). You must believe that the evil Bombers from Bronx will play at 7 this evening, where the glorious Red Sox will rip the stomachs from the Yankeees and roast them with garlic and a bit of balsamic vinegar! Do not tune in at 1:30 today for the baseball game, because you will find nothing! Nothing at all!

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portia said...

Pin-striped purveyors of pap
You should be so lucky....:)

Ted: "I need some pap(s)"

Joe: "You need what? " Sigh. "OK."

Joe: "Bartender, another round of Pabst for the nail-biting, hat-tipping, pissed on Red Sox player hovering in the corner."

Ted: "Thanks, Joe. But I'm ain't hovering. I'm hiding from the freezer Nazis."

Joe: "Pfffftt. Whatever. It's the least I can do for a defrosting legend while he watches his team get shut out because they don't even know what time the game starts."

Bartender: "Here you go, two Pabst--in a can--for the hat-tipping, pissed on Williams."

Ted: "Pabst? I asked for pap(s)."

Joe: "You can't handle pap(s). Drink up, buddy. I have to get you back to the freezer by six."

Ted: "But..."

Joe: "What now, Teddy? You need some help with that flip-top?"

Ted: "Um...yeah. Thanks Joe, you're the best. Hey, look up there at the screen...Yanks are up at bat, and there's no one on the mound. What the f*ck? Where the he*l is Timmy? Doesn't he know the game's afoot?"

Joe: "Long story. There's this guy named spd, and he.... Well, nevermind. Another Pabst, Teddy?"

Ted: "Yeah...why not. Make it a boilermaker, nah, make it three, and then stick me back in that freezer...I can't watch anymore." Sigh

Ted: "Hey, Joe. Promise me you won't check me out of the freezer again tomorrow? My Red Sox heart can't hack it."

Joe: "I promise, Teddy. I understand that guy spd is pre-announcing tommorow's game, too. ALl I can say is: Thank God, he's not rooting for the Yankees."