Monday, June 12, 2006

For Don

In case you can't make it to Grand Central Station
today to watch the crowds mill about...:)
(posted by Portia)


Anonymous said...

Aw shucks! Just for me? How'd he get that ball to stick to his head? What, he's hitting it with his head? Wow, I'll bet that hurts!

Soccer = still boring (plus headaches)


-Don Brouhaha

portia said...

Wake up Don! That's your buddy Brian with the ball stuck to his head!

Well, as far as I was concerned today's game had too much action (albeit one-sided) beginning with a goal Czech's in the sixth minute. It went downhill after that.

Team USA is in deep, deep, trouble, and I fear may never make it out of The Group of Death. What a disappointment. We'll never get this sport out of the "basement" now. Aren't soccer moms suppose to raise soccer kids who become soccer fans?

Cassandra said...

Strangely enough, my older son (who wasn't as keen on playing) is a mad soccer fan. My youngest, who played all the way up to college and was really quite good at it, watches but no more than any other sport.

He never showed much interest in watching sports when he was a kid, but now he follows everything pretty closely. It's kind of fun talking to him, but you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Anonymous said...

Brian McBride looks different when there isn't a soccer ball glued to his head and his hair isn't plaster to his face with perspiration, grimacing with exertion.
Jeez, I only met him once years ago (he used to play for the Columbus Crew).
PS. I thought that was him, but I didn't know Portia was so skillful to get a screen shot of him up on the computer. Kudos!

PPS. Is spd rdr dead? God, I hope not! :)
This blog could be like the "Flying Dutchman", careening forever in cyberspace!
-Don Brouhaha

portia said...

Brian looks different in every photo I saw of him. He's quite the showman on the field--save yesterday-- with his footwork, bicycle kicks, headers etc. Check out this shot. How many feet in the air do you think he is? And how does he get that trampoline on the field?

Is spd dead? I hope not!

Me too, Don. I can't afford the rent on this place. No doubt, he's off practicing "playing hard to get."

If any of you run into him, tell him he's got it nailed:)