Friday, June 09, 2006

Why Americans Should Better Appreciate Soccer, Part Deux

Yep. I'm sold, too.

And, the best reason of all.
Beats chess....

UPDATE: This soccer appreciation pictorial is from Portia's scrapbook, and not spd's. I apologize if, by failing to "sign' this at the time of posting, I misled any of you into thinking spd had changed "teams."


Anonymous said...

Still boring. :)

I hope that Portia, et. al., appreciate the male cheesecake.

But still boring.
Heck, I've even met Brian McBride (heckuva nice guy); but soccer = still boring.

-Don Brouhaha

portia said...

Putting aside the cheesier cheesecake I posted in response to spd's cheesy cheesecake, I am a big soccer fan even if I don't watch it as religiously as I do every fours years during World Cup. If not for starting a new job, I'd be making my way to Kaiserlautern for the June 17 match up between USA and Italy!

Unlike American football where the ball is "in play" for all of three minutes during an entire game--ho, hum-- in soccer you get two 45 minutes periods of non-stop, action-packed play with a very civilized 15-minute intermission when you can go make yourself a snack, have a quickie or do both:) Add to that, the fact that soccer players have the best legs period, and well, I'm sold...again.

portia said...

I hope that Portia, et. al., appreciate the male cheesecake.

Oh geez, spd's going to kill me. This is MY contribution to cheesecake, Don. I forgot to add my "posted by Portia" parenthetical. I reckon y'all have to wait a long time before spd posts a picture of a bare-chested man unless maybe he's a Ted Kennedy look alike, or he's standing next to a woman in a similar state of undress:)

spd rdr said...

If I wasn't so busy I'd resent something noisily. I don't kbnow what, my you. But something.

Anonymous said...

I figured as much (on the posting, that is). I didn't think that spd rdr had suddenly succumbe to homoerotic images. :)

And speaking of action, watching soccer is somewhat akin to watching the crowds mill about at Grand Central Station; much movement, but little entertainment value. :)

-Don Brouhaha

portia said...

Grand Central Station; much movement, but little entertainment value.

Ahh, all depends on what time you go....

C'mon fess up, Don. You'll be watching/ listening to watching Monday's game to see how Brian et al do , and I bet you won't fall asleep either. Buzz is this year's MNT may be the best yet, and maybe even help US soccer gain back some of the momento it had in '94 leading up to the its July 4th match up against Brazil in the round of sixteen. That game had it hands down over Grand Central in terms of drama and excitement:)

spd, as far as Portia is concerned, busy is good:) As they say "idle hands are the devil's tools," and we wouldn't want to make you open that tool box now, would we?

Cassandra said...

I'm with Portia. Well-played (and the World Cup definitely fits that definition) it doesn't get much better than soccer - it's a joy to watch.

Sometimes I even watch the ball, too.