Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Divorce, New York Style

Corner of 47th & Broadway. A 12' x 24' black & white billboard that
catches your eye for the simple fact that it has no neon lights,
nor fancy logos, just these words:

Hi Steven:

Do I have your attention now?
I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky,
immoral, unfaithful, poorly-endowed slimeball.
Everything's caught on tape.

Your (soon to be ex-wife),

P.S. I paid for this billboard from OUR joint checking account.

Well, I guess nobody needs to tell her to grow a pair....
Five'll get you ten, this poor schmuck's office is located
across the street from the billboard!

UPDATE: OMG, OMG. It's gets worse. OK, so it turns out the slimeball was cheating on her with her BEST FRIEND (tacky, very tacky) but don't you guys find this "proactive" approach a tad extreme? (A show of hands will suffice) Can she get away with this legally?

(posted by Portia)


spd rdr said...

Well, at least he doesn't have to go home now.

portia said...

And after that string of adjectives, I doubt he'll want to go to the office, either. Or the gym for that matter:)

Cricket said...

Hell hath no fury...but you know, in a sick sort of a way, I kind of agree that
she did have a right to speak her mind.
Can we call it free speech and let it go at that? Can't we just all get along?

Pile On® said...

I think they can work this out. I really do.

It's hot here.

Real hot.

portia said...

Me too, Pile. Communication between couples is the first step; it's good they are talking.

How hot Pile? Death Valley hot? That's hotter than hell.

Less hot here today. More hot where I'm going tomorrow. 103 degree hot. Wild fires too. Smokey and hot.

Speaking of hot, I wonder how hot the water is that Ms. Billboard's husband is in?

KJ said...

I would demand that I get my half of the billboard payment back. Otherwise, she has every right to do it.

KJ said...

Every single guy reading that blog should be looking for her Pilates class. Major score opportunities.

Pooke said...

Bob's been following poor Emily for about a week now... he calls me at work with updates on what she's up to next. She's going to be more famous than the Numa Numa kid. Maybe she'll get an interview on the Today show, or more likely The View.

Yes, everyone deserves their 15 minutes. It's Emily's turn.

spd rdr said...

I'll give you 8 to 5 that this is completely bogus. Make that 3 to 1.
If not, then I have lost all faith in humankinds' ability to grow the hell up.

Pile On® said...

Numa Numa kid?

Anonymous said...

Numa Numa?

That's not so hot anymore. But once upon a time...HOT!

-Don Brouhaha

Pooke said...

I'll put $20 on the 3 to 1. Photoshop or Memorex?

Pile, don't feel bad that you missed the last internet celebrity. Bad news for Spd... humankind has not grown up at all. Pooke included ;)

Then again....

camojack said...

I agree...unless you've seen it in person, I'd suspect that it was "Photoshopped".

portia said...

So much to say, I should rent a billboard:)

KJ, just curious when does "publishing" defamatory material gives rise to a cause of action for libel? Opinion is protected truthful or not?

Camo: That pitiful photo is from my pitiful cell phone camera so yes I've seen it "in person" and it sounds like Pooke's Bob has too. [Note to self: upgrade phone camera.]

Pooke: My "this is too good to be true" meter is beginning to beep. I'm guessing somebody other than Ms. Billboard is behind this. An ad for next season's Divorce Court "reality" show?? Bank advert? Penile extension product? That could be a whole post by itself:)

Very clever use of air space nevertheless, be it truth or promo.

portia said...

Pooke, I too missed the Numa Nemo internet celebrity "cringe" first time around. Thanks for the link...not:)

portia said...

Every single guy reading that blog should be looking for her Pilates class

Good one, KJ :)

camojack said..., the billboard is real. If it isn't a setup (stunt, promo) of some kind, I'd say:
A. A joint account means just that.
B. If it's true, it ain't libel.
C. S.E.P.

Cricket said...

Legal in what sense? Her husband commited adultery. She told the truth about it. As to the rest of the subjectivity such as his endowments or not, only the women can tell and that would be a matter of opinion, subject to
size, shape, performance, and personal regard for the man in question.

As far as the rest of the vendetta goes, only time will tell. Can she be considered a stalker? A nuisance? Can she be restrained?

Just asking...

KJ said...

A good deal of her conduct, assuming this site it real, is criminal. Certainly, when her divorce gets to court, all the property damage she has done to the marital (or her husband's) assets will come out of her share. I have a friend who is a judge that had to deal with a wife (very rich couple getting divorced) who would flush expensive jewelry down the toilet every time she would get mad at her husband (then seperated). She would call him and say "this is my diamond necklace" *FLUSH*, etc. After several warnings, he finally threw her in jail for a weekend. The flushing stopped until the divorce was final.

So yes, this type of destruction can be stopped. Or at least punished. Libel is unlikely. Invasion of privacy, maybe.

Cricket said...

I have been following this for some sick reason I have yet to fathom, but I agree with a lot of what you say. What bothers me about it is that if this is real, her hurt is way deeper than just infidelity.

She is seriously sick.