Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I've Been Busy...Really

I realize that in the short time I've been Guest Blogging here at Heigh Ho that I've quickly picked up some bad Blogging habits like throwing up pictures of family pets when you can't find two words to string together or forgeting to post altogether because the sun might be shining.

Well, I'm adding another bad habit to the mix: Too busy. Yep. The Guest Blogger who is suppose to help out when the Blog Owner is too busy to post is herself now too busy to post, and the Blog Owner is too busy to even notice that the Guest Blogger is too busy to post. In other words, the back-up needs back-up.

In between staying abreast of the Eugenics movement, and doing the day thing at the office, which lately has become a night thing too, I've been dodging suicidal doctors who want to gas me, dimwitted terrorists who want to turn part of Manhattan into Venice, gossiping with my girlfriends about how butt-ugly Baby Cruise must be for "TomKat" not to let anyone (zip, nada, zilch not even his fellow aliens) see the kid and wondering aloud if there really even is a Baby Cruise, doing whatever I can to stay the hell away from men who haven't yet mastered the art of multitasking, and all the while trying to find time to get pumped for the girl-on-girl Mud nee Jello extravanganza with the Blog Princess that's to be scheduled as soon as hell freezes over, or I spring for someone to paint the mud on my body instead.

We know all this fun can't last forever, so at the first hint of a reprieve, I promise to resume my unscheduled, intermittent and don't count on me pattern of back-up Guest Blogging, which should be just about the time I head off for vacation. Phew!

Until then, I expect thatany week now the Sole Proprietor of this Establishment will crawl out from under the pile of papers he was spotted this morning cooing incoherently to no one in particular about the charms of "Special Legislation." Well, if anyone can make blog-worthy "pillow talk" out of that topic, it's the spd meister, aka Herr Commerze. We await your colorful commentary, mr. rdr.

Barring that, there's always the possibility one of us (gee, who might that be) will live-blog tonight's MidSummer Classic, which rarely ever is (classic) unless of course, both sides run out of pitchers again, at which point, the game would be Classic FUBAR. We await still more of your colorful commentary, mr. rdr.

But hey, no pressure buddy, I'm way too busy to read what you post this week anyway.

For those who can't get enough Film Noir edginesss reading the Daily News, there's a marvelous exhibit Unknown WeeGee, that just opened at the Int'l Center of Photography in NY, showcasing 100 or so of the photographer's works, many that have never been on exhibit before including the hilarious Showgirl Backstage featured above. It runs through August 27.

(Posted by Portia)


Cassandra said...

I just saw Spamalot at the National Theater in DC. It was a real hoot, plus you can reserve drinks before intermission if you're in the first few rows, which just sent me over the moon...

Of course we all know it takes quite a bit to send me over the moon. After you've experienced a girl on girl wrestling match with Portia, I have to say that everything else just sort of pales by comparison.

Nice post. You're getting quite good at this, you know.

spd rdr said...

Keep up the work, girl.
Someday soon you'll own this place.

portia said...

Thanks guys for your kind words about my non post. I think ya'll just had your heads turned by the fabulous WeeGee photo. I know mine was. I love that photo!

Someday soon you'll own this place.

Nice try, spd. How' bout we mudwrestle for HH? Loser gets the keys, winner has to root for the other's baseball team:) Heh. That should make it interesting, if not quarantee a draw.

camojack said...

So...where's this girl on girl wrestling taking place? Call me a voyeur, but that sounds like something I'd actually like to watch...

portia said...

I yield the floor to the distinguised Princess from VC, Miss Cassandra.

Cassandra said...


There has always been only one Princess here at Heigh Ho. Tain't me, and never will be.

I know when to fight and when to shut up and take my ... err... licking like a good little girl. May it ever be so :D

*raising glass*


portia said...

How 'bout we wrestle for the title?

Cassandra said...

No, I think I am about done :)

Pile On® said...

Whats the matter Cass?


Cassandra said...

Pile, a good woman has no problem yielding pride of place. She doesn't need to be the Queen Bee everywhere, even if she could. That's exhausting, and pointless.

And anyway, I don't think I could even if I tried my very hardest :)

Besides, I like Portia. I have my own place. I can come here now and see Portia spread her wings and shine. That is nice for me. She is a strong, lovely woman, and one who is not afraid of me. There should be more of her kind, and spd is lucky to have such a good and loyal friend.

And I have no doubt she could kick my ass. I never was very tough :D

She should, however, watch out for my trick moves. I'm not mean. But I'm adaptable. People tend to underestimate me - I have a way of getting my way in the end and no one is quite sure how it happened :)

Pile On® said...

Shit-fire Portia, she is taunting you in your own crib.

You gonna take that crap?

Cassandra said...

Pile.... two words. And you know what they are.

Men [shaking head]

portia said...

She should, however, watch out for my trick moves.

Not to worry Pile, where I come from that's not crap, that's a walk in the park:)

spd rdr said...

Hi folks. Just dropping by to make sure everything's okay.

Cassandra said...

Yada yada yada...


Is the Jello set yet? Got extra memory for that digital camera?

*running away*

camojack said...

Enough verbiage.

Where's the girl on girl wrestling, already?

Anonymous said...

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