Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How Hot Is It?

I'll tell you how hot it is. So hot that this afternoon both heels of
my sandals sank into the molten asphalt waiting at the corner
for the light to change. So hot that I saw two fire hydrants fighting
over a dog. So hot that this photo makes me want to unbutton
my blouse that has no buttons. Damn, he's HOT. I mean, damn, it's HOT.
So hot that sometimes wearing nothin' can be a real cool hand.*

Next question.
* Cool Hand Luke

(Posted by Portia)


camojack said...

(Yours truly...)

Cassandra said...

Down, girl. This place is turning into a regular...

Oh nevermind.

Nice photo, tho, camo. :)

portia said...

Sorry, Cass, I guess I got a bit overheated. Ya know because of the weather, and things....

Camo, you're not helping:)

Pile On® said...

So. Kind of hot there huh?

camojack said...

Thank you, darlin'...

Define "helping"; helping whom, and in what way?