Monday, September 19, 2005

You Want Me To What????

The New York Times today launched its new "Times Select Feature." This innovation allows readers of the online version of the NYT the privilege of paying $49.95 per year to read "select" columns appearing in its daily edition. The program is similar to that of the Wall Street Journal's online program, with one very important difference: what you're paying to read.

Here's today's "select" materials:


Good Grief
The country has put its faith in President Bush many times before, and come up empty.
Video: Meet Bob Herbert Herbert's Heroes
Columnist Page

Tragedy in Black and White
Race is the biggest reason America treats its poor more harshly than any other advanced country.
Video: Meet Paul Krugman Money Talks

Talking Points
The biggest casualty of the Iraq war could be America’s all volunteer army. By David Unger, the Times editorial board expert on military affairs.

Sports of The Times: A Run to Daylight Was Never an Option
Sports of The Times: As Passes Wobble, So Do Prospects for a Stadium
Sports of The Times: Missing the Playoffs Is So Foreign a Concept

More Stuff
Video: MeetJoe Nocera

Video: MeetJoyce Purnick

Video: MeetSelena Roberts

Video: MeetBob Herbert

Video: MeetFrank Rich

How can I live without it?

Sure, I'll pay $35 bucks a year for access to their crossword puzzles, but not a nickle for Herbert, Rich, or Krugman. I read them only as a form of penance.

Good luck, boys.

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