Friday, September 30, 2005

Batters Up

Ted: So who do you like tonight Joe?

Joe: Well that blonde over there is lookin' pretty tasty at the moment.

Ted: What is it with you and blondes?

Joe: Well, you know I was married to Marilyn Monroe and...

Ted: Yeah yeah yeah. You and a half-dozen other guys.

Joe: Well at least my kids didn't stick me in a freezer!

Ted: You always got to bring that up! Come on, focus for a minute, will ya' Joe. I'm talking about baseball. The Yankees versus the Red Sox in a end-of-the- season fight to the death.

Joe: I thought we were already dead?

Ted: We are, you flippin' chowderhead! But I'm talking about the Red Sox and the Yankees. Somebody is going to leave Fenway on vacation.

Joe: Oh yeah popsicle boy? Where are they going?

Ted: Home, Joe. They're going home.

Joe: Well, then it'll be a hell of a game won't it?

Ted: A hell of a game, Joe.

Joe: You got beer?

Ted: My place, in a hour.

Joe: I'll be there.


portia said...

Note to self:

Do not drink all of the Sam Adams this weekend. Come Monday, you owe Joe a case of it, along with the clam chowder, and that &$#@ Boston Creme Pie you promised.

More notes to self:

No matter how cold it gets in this freezer, do not bet against the Yankees.

spd rdr said...


portia said...

New baseball season?

What am I missing here? All I know is we're tied up, and our threesome is one loss away from being a two-way. (Hmmmm....) I think Giambi's "Bill Buckner" moment has completed eliminated any chance he had of climbing out the hole he's been in the last year. Bast*rd.

Me? I'm channeling Roger Maris for luck, on this the day of 61 in '61.

More beer, Ted. Now.

portia said...

NY Times has some good photos from last night's game, including this one. I love that Fenway still employs a scoreboard keeper...even if the number sucks:)

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