Saturday, April 15, 2006

An Easter Tail

Once upon a time there were three little bunnies....

Mabel: Look at him! Always having to be Mr. Different From Everybody Else! Mr. I'm So Special!

Maud: I know, I know. Just because he's the white rabbit, he thinks he's too good to eat from the bowl like the rest of us.

Mabel: What the hell is this stuff we're eating anyway?

Mabel: I don't know. It looks like mouse turds.

Mabel: That carrot looks yummy.
Maud: Yeah.

Mabel: Well, maybe we should try, you know...

Maud: Try what?

Mabel: You know, try and move closer to the carrot. Maybe get a taste.

Maud: ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND? Look at the size of that creature!

Mabel: Yeah, I know. But it doesn't seem to bother Benny, and these mouse turds taste like... mouse turds. Let's give it a try.

Maud: Okay, but you have to go first.

Mabel: Why me?

Maud: Because it was your idea.

Mabel: Will you promise to come right behind me?

Maud: Of course! I've got your back, girlfriend.

Mabel: Okay, then. Here goes nothing...

Five minutes later:

Mabel: Help! Help me Maud! Somebody help me!

Benny: Did you hear something, Maud? It sound like someone calling for help.

Maud: It's nothing, darling just your imagination geting the best of you.

Benny: Where's Mable?

Maud: Mabel who? Now come over here big boy and let's make some bunnies.

The End.


Cassandra said...

mr rdr...

There are times when you worry me. :)

spd rdr said...

There are times when I worry everyone. In fact, my "Dancing With Wolves Name" among my siblings was "He Who Must Be Worried About."

One day I'll tell you why.

Cassandra said...

Well I will have to add that to the ever-growing list :)

If it's any comfort (I doubt it) I tend to alarm just about everyone in my family...on both sides. The list of 'your crazy Aunt Cass' stories is becoming something of a holiday staple.

I'm dreading Easter. Pray for me. And promise me you'll never change.

spd rdr said...

Change is the only constant.
-Heraclitus of Ephesus

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
- Andy Warhol

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world.
- Anne Frank

A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.
- Marcel Proust

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain


spd rdr said...

If you can't tell...
I am 36 hours from vacation.


Cassandra said...


I meant, don't change the fact that you have a slightly whacked view of the world.

For some reason, I'm not too worried about that one, despite the quotes.

Happy sailing, big guy.

spd rdr said...

Slightly whacked view of the world?

One day, I'll explain everything.
You'll see.

Pile On® said...

This is one of the most poignant blog posts I have read in a long weekend of Sundays.

And when I say poignant.....I pronounce the g.

spd rdr said...

Elocution is all the rage, Pile.
Get jiggy with it.

Cassandra said...

Promises, promises.... I live in hope :)

This is one of the most poignant blog posts I have read in a long weekend of Sundays.

You see, that's what I love about Mr. On: his sensitivity... heh.

Happy Easter, to everybunny.

*running away*

Cricket said...

Touching. I wept real tears, and deeply felt the pain as my new set of abs ripped into being. Spd is the new Beatrix Potter of the Internet. What a tale of
jealousy, greed betrayal and lust!

Do we get to finish the story?

spd rdr said...

Have at it!