Saturday, April 08, 2006

Money Talks

Abbas calls EU not to stop aid - “Hamas will change”

PARIS - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appealed to the European Union on Saturday not to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority, predicting “Hamas will change” its attitude to Israel.

Reminds me of something I once heard.

"Earlier today, for the first time, Yasser Arafat issued a statement in Arabic condemning terrorism. U.S. officials say the statement is a step in the right direction except for the last line which translates into 'wink, wink.'"
—Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update"

I got a hundred bucks that says Israel won't change its attitude either.


Cassandra said...

Israel, however, has shown a great deal more willingness to compromise.

I will believe Hamas when they give up something of value. Not before.

spd rdr said...

I am not faulting Israel by any means.
I find this political problem intractable so long as the basis of human indentity in the region remains a persons religious affiliation. Think Ulster.
I've got no other cure than to leave God the hell out of it.

Muchmoods Abbas said...

I haf never said such thing. I say, Hamas will make change for the infidel aid to the opprezed pepel of Paleztine. When theh Jooz leaf our holyland, by the grace of Allah, and the West who obligates to subsidize this occupation and suppression, our great soldiers of peace will substitue thay are grenade belts with Good-Humor change belts with to dispense American, quarters, dimes, nickles and pennizes.

Great prophet say he who speak with forked tounge can lick both right and left. Or maybe it was Confucious. I dont no. But I, Macchhhmood Abbasssssssssss never say Hamas will change. To say so will be in defiance of great prophet. Praise be to Allah.

spd rdr said...

Like I said...

Cassandra said...

muchmoods... I had no idea you did stand up :)

On another topic, can anyone tell me why it is zero freaking degrees outside this morning? I was all excited about wearing my new spring dress and now I'm going to have to put on a coat over it.

I am going to wear it anyway - it is still officially Spring.