Wednesday, December 07, 2005

La Cage Aux Folly

Here's the dopey news story of the day.

Off-duty officer thwarts birdnapping
Associated Press
Dec 6, 2005
FRONT ROYAL, Va. - An off-duty police officer shopping for ferret food helped stop a shopper before he fled from a pet shop with a $1,200 exotic bird in his backpack.
Thomas Edward Lee III, 23, of Winchester, has been charged with felony shoplifting/concealing merchandise for attempting to make off with the African Grey parrot from Noah's Ark Pets and Aquarium.
A worker, Michael Williams, said Lee had concealed the 3-pound bird in his backpack, but had been thwarted in his attempt to leave the store Monday by Terry Leach, an off-duty Fairfax County police officer.
Lee was detained at the store until an animal control officer arrived and placed him under arrest.
Seeing as it was an animal control officer that place him under arrest, one can only expect that the bird-brained criminal is currently being caged at the county pound until his arraignment before a kangaroo court.

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