Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Turnin' and Burnin'

I'm mired in about 16 different "TOP PRIORITY" projects at the moment. So I'm going to be cranking work stuff out instead of the pithy bullsh*t this site usually delivers.

In the meantime, I want you all to read this mind-blowing piece from The New York Times Science section on the mysteries and magic of the quantum theory. Here's a tease

Nary a week goes by that does not bring news of another feat of quantum trickery once only dreamed of in thought experiments: particles (or at least all their properties) being teleported across the room in a microscopic version of Star Trek beaming; electrical "cat" currents that circle a loop in opposite directions at the same time; more and more particles farther and farther apart bound together in Einstein's spooky embrace now known as "entanglement."

Oh boy oh boy, is that good!

There'll be a short quiz given later, so pay attention!

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Pile On® said...

Had I known, I would have gotten you an ashtray for Christmas.