Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An Appreciation - Curt Gowdy

"There is no doubt that sports is a part of American history. The great moments of the past are firmly anchored in the country's memory. ... They live on as they should, preserved because they aroused interest and excitement in a nation that has always cherished its sports."
-Curt Gowdy
"The Way It Was"

"Everybody quiet now here at Fenway Park after they gave him a standing ovation of two minutes knowing that this is probably his last time at bat. One out, nobody on, last of the eighth inning. Jack Fisher into his windup, here's the pitch. Williams swings — and there's a long drive to deep right! The ball is going and it is gone! A home run for Ted Williams in his last time at bat in the major leagues!"

-Curt Gowdy
-Fenway Park, September 28, 1960

"Here's Mantle. He's grounded to short, he's walked, he's doubled to right. Facing 38-year-old Barney Schultz. The big Yankee crowd roaring now for some action.... There's a high drive to deep right! And...forget about it! It is gone. The ball game's over.... Mantle has just broken a World Series record. He now has 16 World Series home runs. He and Babe Ruth were tied with 15 apiece."
-Curt Gowdy
-Yankee Stadium, October 10, 1964

There's a fly ball out to left. Cleon Jones is waiting...the Mets are the World Champions! Jerry Koosman is being mobbed! Look at this scene!"
-Curt Gowdy
Shea Stadium, October 16, 1969

"The ball's hit deep... deep... it is gone! He did it! He did it! Henry Aaron... is the all-time home run... leader now!"
-Curt Gowdy
- Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, April 8, 1974

16 World Series, 12 Rose Bowls, 7 Olympic Games, and 8 Super Bowls.

Thanks for the memories, Cowboy.


Cassandra said...

How did I know I'd see this here? I'm so sorry.

Dim the lights, someone.

spd rdr said...

Thanks for anticipating me.
There are certain things, like baseball, that I don't mind being predictable about.

And that's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

A Man for All Seasons.

Broadcaster (football, baseball you name it), avid outdoorsman and hunter. All around nice guy.

G'night Curt.

-Don Brouhaha

Cassandra said...

I wasn't being snarky. I was genuinely saddened early this morning when I saw his name in the news.

It just wouldn't have sounded right coming from me. It wasn't mine to say.

Cassandra said...

I guess I should have said I hoped I'd see it here. But that wasn't right either.

I knew I would see it here.

spd rdr said...

And you did!