Sunday, February 19, 2006

Parents' Weekend At Sendmomony U.

Things got better after the traditional Greek greeting.
But not by much.


Pile On® said...

So, do tell what school this is that The Onlette is never going to attend?

spd rdr said...

Bucknekkid University?

spd rdr said...

Bucknekkid University?

Anonymous said...

Are you having issues with duplicate postings recently?

Are you keeping up on your lithium dosages?

I'm sure Lonny at "Long Island Guide" can help you with this and many other issues.

And so what.
My eyes! My eyes/! Arghhhh!

-"Don or Dan Brouhaha", take your pick

Pooke said...

Okay, my pick is the guy all the way to the right, with the bushy, swushy hair. He has a real "happy go lucky" view of things, obviousy the biggest smile (the girl all the way to the left obviously can't even pay attention to the fact that her picture is being taken). He holds his hand up, but more in a "hey, this is just me" way than the guy next to him with his thumb up that says, "hey, I'm with the cool dude next to me and that makes me cool, too", and the dude right next to him who has the "Hey, the dude next to me is cool so so am I, even though I'm obviously about to fall backward" way.

My condolences to the dude with the basketballs. Obviously, he didn't realize it was a frizbee competition.