Saturday, February 18, 2006

Heigh-ho Ho Hum

Bored German ties himself to bed
February 18, 2006 - 9:24AM

A German youth who tied himself to a foldaway bed because he was bored was rescued by police after becoming trapped in its mechanism, officials said on Tuesday.

Neighbours alerted the police in the western German town of Schwelm after hearing the 16-year-old's cries for help late on Monday night.

When police entered the apartment, they found the bed had folded itself away and the red-faced youth was tied upside down to it with a tow-rope and wire and unable to free himself.


There is no sin worse in life than being boring. ~ Paris Hilton, Confessions, 2004

Ever since Caine clocked Abel 16 year-olds have exercised their God given right to be bored. There's nothing, nothing at all to do when you are 16. Zero. It's a pathetic life, made all that more oppressive by the fact that clueless adults are always pestering you with their "ideas" of what to do so that you won't be bored. Please. What 16 year-old wants to "read a book" or "draw a picture" or "bake a cake." How boring is that? It's just one miserable boring minute after another.

Ha. Teens don't realize that we adults wrote the book on boredom! Our adult lives are nothing but waiting for the end in endless boredom!

I am now completely bored with this post.



Cassandra said...

I'd comment, but I'm afraid of saying something boring.

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spd rdr said...

Hey Lonny!
Aren't you the kid that I used to beat up behind the junior High bleachers? I always thought you'd grow up to be a jerk.

KJ said...

When I want advice on sin, I always consult Paris Hilton.

Pooke said...

I once tied myself to my bed....

No, actually I didn't...

portia said...

I once untied myself from the bed..but that was before I knew better:)

spd rdr said...

I once untied my tie from the bed but then tied my tongue to the bed using my tie, and thus became completely untieded retongued.

portia said...

Was it silk?

portia said...
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