Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Stain

As regards the disgusting display of rudeness and partisan theater by certain individuals at the memorial service yesterday for Correta Scott King, I will be brief


Mr. President, I wouldn't blame you if you never went to another Democrat's funeral, including Jimmy Carter's.*

* Whose legacy will be that of the single worst President of the Twentieth Century.


a former european said...

I must respectfully disagree with my learned colleague. I believe Carter has a lock on worst President ever.

Cassandra said...

At times, I fear your head is going to explode from the way you hold your feelings in all the time.

It really is not healthy.

Cassandra said...

On the other hand, the display of mutual affection between you and afe on the preceding thread was really quite touching.

Let it out. By all means.

Just don't ask me to watch - I don't think I can bear to have my girlish illusions shattered in this manner.

*running away*

spd rdr said...

*Ack* He lied about the close shave.

I'am sorry about this post. I really had something intelligent to say and then all hell broke loose at work. Rather than simply remaining silent about something that really really "chapped my ass," I elected to go noo-que-lurr of these morons. I don't necessarily take issue with Rev, Lowery - his message was not unexpected, nor outside his very limited (but tax-exempt) preachings. Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, proved himself (once again) to be the most clueless, tactless, incompetant person ever to wear the mantle of the President of the United States. That'll get your projects funding, Jimmy, you &*^%$# idiot.

And to those that cheered and gave ovations for the political barbs and taunts and sought to embarrass the President, I fart in your general direction.

Otherwise, I'm in a fine mood.

Cassandra said...

Actually I kind of like it when you do that, mr rdr :) You always brighten my day.

I am somewhat more restrained in my everyday life (stop laughing Pile) than I am online, so at times I worry a bit about some of the things I say. I have a flamboyant streak a mile wide, but I try to be considerate and not upset people I care about unduly.

On the other hand, I sort of figure that I've earned it. I've spent my whole life toeing someone else's line. I'm not even blogging under my real name, and if I can't say what I really think then there is something really wrong with the world.


It was still funny :)

Cassandra said...

And by the way, since I FINALLY sent another paper off to the publisher today and I feel like a 1000-lb weight is off my back until I think about the other 12 projects I've been putting off until I finished this one.....

WTF is up with the snakes quote?

I'd go all Freudian on you but frankly the prospect scares me.

portia said...

And to those that cheered and gave ovations...I fart in your general direction I have choice here? Cause if I do, I'll opt for the guy sporting the five o'clock shadow, but only if he promises to take his meds. If not, trumphet away, spd.

Tromba di culo sanita di corpo chi non tromba e un uomo morto
Translation: "Trumphets" from the as* mean a healthy body. He who doesn't "trumphet" is a dead man.
-- Dante

Hmmm, why does Bill "there's a woman in that casket" Clinton seem much more appealing at the moment? And where is that guy with the pudding when you need him?

spd rdr said...

What snakes?
I hate snakes!
Why does it always have to be snakes?
Etc., etc.

Pile On® said...

Worst president ever? Quite possibly.

Worst ex-president? Hands down.

portia said...

I'm having trouble following this thread...Democrats> 1,000 lb weight> Carter> snakes> trumphets> Clinton> pudding.


portia said...

Yes, Pile On, you taught me well:)

spd rdr said...

So much more the pity, Portia, as Pile has gone dim for we dimwits