Thursday, February 16, 2006

Popular Mechanics, 1954

In 1954, this is what scientists predicted a home computer would look like in fifty years time. Pretty close, except for the steering wheel. (Click pic for bigger)

Now what do you say we stop beating ourselves up over past bullshit and start talking about Social Security again. I have a feeling that we might have underestimated the possiblities, as usual.


Cassandra said...

Looks like my home office, except not enough computers.

portia said...

Man, imagine all the things Pile On could have done with that computer after he quit blogging including teaching the Onlette to drive...a bus.

Cassandra said...

She will probably have reprogrammed the entire thing by the time she's three.

Pile On® said...

Where is the mouse?

spd rdr said...

I think that's the steering wheel, Pile.

portia said...

Very funny, spd.

Cricket said...

What I loved was the comment about the 'needed technology not being economical for the average household.' If the average household needs it, love will find a way.

On to the last knee slapper:
"With teletype interface and the Fortran language, the computer will be easy to use." Heh. Not without Bill Gates it won't!

And how many kids these days even KNOW what Fortran is or was?

When I was in college couple of decades and a half ago, Fortran, BASIC and COBOL were taught, but a passing grade in algebra was required (no grade lower than a B)to take the courses. If you got a B- you needed the instructor's permission.

KJ said...

Of course, didn't these same people say we'd all be driving flying cars by now?

So much for consistency.