Thursday, June 09, 2005

Charmed Encounter

The World Champion 1918 Red Sox. That's Babe Ruth in the back row, 5th from the left.

Tomorrow afternoon THE WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX are to take on the Chicago Cubs in the clubs' first meeting since the World Series of 1918 (which, as everybody knows, was the last time the Sox won the world championship, until, of course LAST YEAR.)

Meanwhile, the Cubs, and their fans, are still searching for championship rings. I feel your pain, Cubbies, really....but just not this weekend.

P.S.: The Yankees still suck.


portia said...

It's a red-letter day Spd...this Yankee fan finally agrees with you:(

spd rdr said...

If it makes you feel any better, yesterday A-Rod became the youngest player ever to hit 400 homers, and the Yanks are only one game below .500, in fourth place, six games out, and in St. Louis for the weekend.

portia said...

Makes me feel just a tad better. Sure last night's 16 hits helped lift us out of our hitting funk--for a night--and A-Rod's 400 HR milestone helps soften the bloat of his price tag but 2 wins in 11 still 2 wins in 11 games. Plus, when poker-face Joe Torre gets ejected from the game a la Billy Martin, I don't take that as a good omen. In the meantime, lots of speculation swirling re: where Steinbrenner's ax will fall after the weekend at Busch Stadium. Let's hope Torre can stick around long enough to cancel more batting practices:)

portia said...

Um...I realize I did a pretty good of turning this post around to talk of the Yankees, didn't I? Sorry.
Now, what were you saying about those effin' Red Sox?

KJ said...

Something about chasing Baltimore I think.