Saturday, June 18, 2005

Man At Work

Frank Rich is really branching out these days.
Check out Today's Shiny Thing for a very strange ride.
I gotta go to work now.
Don't forget to let Henry out.


spd rdr said...

echo="anybody listening?">

portia said...

The weekend is mine. I am not renting it from the Man.

I love it! Frank Rich finally has offered up some advice that even you will agree is sage. I knew if I was patient enough this day would come:)
To give you a head start, I suggest you think of this lost weekend, which has been rife with billable hours, briefs and sleepless nights, as a practice run for the working stiff's ultimate lost weekend, which should be ripe with unbillable hours, briefs and sleepless nights that will ensure a magnificent bonfire of irresponsible joy, burning to cinder the deepest of roots, consuming in flame the broadest of branches, leaving nothing but ashes in which you can redraw the borders that have been so crassly violated.

You've earned it, counsellor. Time to get lost:)

Pile On® said...

Sorry spd, I meant to leave a smart assed comment earlier, but I was so busy enjoying my weekend it slipped my mind.