Sunday, June 12, 2005

Something Shiny

The world is a fascinating place, full of fascinating people doing fascinating things. And then there're Shiny Things. As everybody knows, Shiny Things make for wonderful distractions, because they are more fun than doing whatever it is you were doing when you noticed the Shiny Thing.
Starting today, there's a new link on the sidebar called (of all things) Something Shiny. Each day I will find something out there to distract you and plug it in. I don't know what it's going to be until I stumble across it; pictures, quotes, information, general wierdness, whatever. I promise that it will be random and have NOTHING to do with the Commerce Clause.
I hope you'll be distracted long enough to stop thinking about that other thing.

Holy smokes did I pick the wrong picture or what?
Yes, folks, I am either that stupid or that smart.
Me? I'm just confused.


Pile On® said...

I can't know what that is, but it sure is shiny.

I like this concept.

Jehane said...

Once again, you have rendered me temporarily speechless, no mean feat. If only the effects were permanent! You'd garner the eternal gratitude of a weary world.

May I suggest a minor change to your tagline in honor of this new feature?

Snarky Constructs of Questionable Import and Dubious Utility

Jehane said...

I can't see your sidebar at all. I was going to ask the other day, but thought you had removed it intentionally? I'm using IE 6.0.2900.

Croquantes said...

I love shiny things :(

spd rdr said...

Why do shiny things make you sad?

If you are using IE 6.0.2900, then you will need to download Xh.7300.mtemp.5.67.0001 ver.3 to your xcat_vertemp.fleagalhoofer directory and then reboot you computer about 64 times while applying jelly to your feet and singing "Oh Susanna."

Or, I can send you my template again so you can fix it.

Jehane said...

Or, I can send you my template again so you can fix it...

1. Oh, do I hate it when dashing lawyers dangle temptation before me like a ripe mango...

2. Never dare me (what tech people generally say whilst twaddling their thumbs and waiting for the user to get fed up and fix the problem themselves...)

KJ said...

I would like the recording of that Oh Susanna song.

Is shiny normally coupled with oily and gooey?

Pile On® said...

Here is something I can tell you because I know it. You may now know it too. If you post a picture that is too wide for the body of your page it forces the sidebar all the way down below all the posts.

You have two options. Go in to the template and make the body wider, or move the sidebar over, or make the margins smaller or all of the above.

Or you can just make the picture less wide.

portia said...

OK, now that you fixed your margins and scared off croquantes in the doing, I think you should end the suspense and tell us what the hell the shiny thing is in the picture! If I had to guess, I'd say it looks like one of those doohickeys, you know one of those whatchamacallits that you sometimes use with a thingamabob to move the gizmo with the doodad (sorry to be so technical....)Yes?

I give up. Tell me.

spd rdr said...

It doesn't amatter what it is, Portia, it be shiny. Shiny things exist for our amusement. (This one seems to have a penchant for strawberry love jelly, but who are we to judge?) Some shiny things come from God (or if you don't believe it God, from Microsoft), and many we make for our our own pleasure or security. The important thing is that they reflect light. Light is what we crave. Light, and attention.

portia said...

Strawberry love jelly? You have my attention tell.

Good answer. Love the links, love the, ruby slippers.

You're right Spd. Shiny is good. More, more, more.