Friday, August 12, 2005


* Happy Birthday Pat Metheny


Cassandra said...

OK, no teasing this time. I'm sorry I was snarky.

Happy Birthday :)

portia said...

Sun in LEO - ruled by the Sun - Planet of Recognition
Element: Fire
Color: Golden yellow and Orange
Gemstone: Ruby
Metal: Gold

Proud and intensely individual, you really want to stand out,to be the very best you can be, and to be recognized and appreciated for your unique contributions. Doing something well and being respected for it is extremely important to you, and you cannot tolerate being in the background, taking orders from others, or being "just one of the team".You must put your personal stamp on whatever you do, and direct your own course in life. You need to have a place where you can shine, express yourself creatively, and be the one in charge. You have big dreams and the determination, spirit, vitality, and enthusiasm to bring them into being. You also have a noble,romantic heart, and a love of the dramatic, colorful, extravagant.

For you it is true that "all the world's a stage" and you secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) desire to be the Star or Hero in the play. You want to be great, and to receive the love and applause of an adoring audience, even if the "audience" is just one other special person. You need someone to believe in you and your dreams. Though you appear radiantly self-confident and
independent, you are actually very much dependent on the affirmation, love, and recognition of others. You cannot bear being unnoticed or unappreciated.

You also love wholeheartedly and generously and really know how to make the person you love feel special. You love the magic of "being in love" and know how to keep the romance alive in your
relationships. You are also immensely loyal and will defend your loved ones and stand by them to the end - as long as they never
offend your pride or betray your trust. However, you like to be the strong one in a relationship and you really do not share the leading role very easily. Ideally you need to find a person who
is as strong-willed as yourself, but who will not try to dominate
or compete with you.Your strengths are your zest and love for life, your creative power, and your warm and generous heart.

Happy Birthday Kev. You're my favorite Leo!

As they say in Romanian, "Prietenul vechi e ca si vinul; cu cât e mai vechi, cu atât e mai bun." (Old friends are like wine, they both improve with the passing years).

Here's to a well-aged vintage. Go ahead, pop your cork:)

spd rdr said...

Thanks, ladies.
Portia, that guy you described sounds like the most insufferable, self-centered, overbearing ham in the world. I'm all over it.

Pooke said...

Happy brithday!

KJ said...

Hppy Brthdy spd rdr.

Hp y hv grt dy.

Masked Menace© said...

Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe
Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe
Hippo Birdie Deer Ewe
Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe