Thursday, August 04, 2005

Everybody Out Of The Ocean

Angry Dolphins Strafe Beachgoers, Take Coronas

Costa Rica Prohibits Swimming With Dolphins, Whales

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) - Costa Rican officials are prohibiting people from swimming with dolphins or whales, shutting down a growing tourism industry that has been criticized, an environmental group said Thursday.



portia said...

Whales, too? G*d damn, spoilsports.

"Angry Dolphins Strafe Beachgoers?" Cool. New word for me, Ishmael. Maybe, you should think about doing a "new word a day" link. I'm woefully behind now that Safire abandoned his "On Language" column.

I'll take that Corona with a lime.

Cassandra said...

Oh well. I have to watch it when I lie out on the beach anyway. If I'm not careful the Greenpeace people come out in droves and lave my skin with cool water.

Before I know it, they're gently making crooning noises and pushing me back into the deep water so I can be reunited with my own kind...

spd rdr said...

strafe: tr.v. strafed, straf·ing, strafes:
To attack (ground troops, for example) with a machine gun or cannon from a low-flying aircraft.
An attack of machine-gun or cannon fire from a low-flying aircraft.
[From German (Gott) strafe (England), (God) punish (England), a common World War I slogan, from strafen, to punish, from Middle High German strfen, to contest, admonish.]

8:59 PM

KJ said...

Its always the well meaning that do the most damage. I hope PETA is going to help these dolphins and whales find new jobs. Its just like when they outlawed midget tossing in Florida.

Now what are the little people supposed to do for a living?

Masked Menace© said...

If it's anything like the stingray deal in the Caymans where you get to feed them, what I want to know is why PETA is OK with taking free food away from starving baby dolphins?