Monday, August 08, 2005

Bad Idea - Edited Version

Anyone who's not named "pinhut, dueller to the death,"* probably thinks that high-resolution pictures of nuclear facillities is a bad idea these days. Certainly the Aussies do after these some very revealing pictures of their atom-sparking plant at [deleted] an undislosed location were posted by [deleted]a big irresponsible internet company. I like [deleted] the big irresponsible internet company well enough, but let's talk dumbass for a moment. Why are we feeding those who would like nothing more than to destroy us the damned plans for our destruction? I don't know about you, but I am very nervous about giving those who care nothing about life, their own or any others, the freakin' key to the city of death.

[deleted]Big irresponsible internet company, my old friend, this is plainly irresponsible, undefensible and perhaps suicidal. If some Islamic nut-job flys a plane into the [deleted] reactor and it's established that he took his bearings from your directions, expect (1) the worst of political reprecussions and (2) the mother of all lawsuits. You're way out on a limb here, and as you're publically traded now, dudes, Elliot Spitzer will be on your ass like white on rice. By God I'll help him, pro bono.

Fix it now, [deleted]big irresponsible internet company, or expect big doings at your next stockholders meeting.
This is sheer idiocy.

P.S.: On a friendly note, I sure hope your accounting is in order.

*Given what you've got mate, this is clearly a losing proposition. May I suggest checkers?


Cassandra said...

...and major props to the newspaper for suggesting the whole thing to the general public. Given the number of nutjobs out there, I always love it when the media cry the alarm over "how easy it would be for anyone to get hold of this sort of thing and build a bomb/fly a plane into x, y, z", etc, just after giving Joe Six pack the wherewithal to do exactly that.

Somehow I think a few well-placed calls to a govt. authority, accompanied by a threat to go public might have accomplished the same thing.

I just can't see the utility in ABC saying "Damn, we sure HOPE the terrorists don't bop on down to the public library and check out "Nuklear bombz for Dummies" on row 13b, because that would seriously suck"

But what do I know.

portia said...

Great line: On a friendly note, I hope your accounting is in order

On a more humorous but just as damning note, I got a kick out of reading that Google's CEO got his panties twisted when he learned that CNET googled him, and published the public info it gleaned about him. A la Russia, Google banned all interviews with CNET for a year. Something about a goose and a gander....

Masked Menace© said...

Of course, putting the too sensitive image at the top of the article about the availability of too sensitive photos is completely harmless.

spd rdr said...

I struggled with that, too. Should I link to the story with the photo and risk some terrorist dropping by my site and deciding to go jihad all over it? But the picture is the story, so what are you going to do? On the other hand, there is no other hand. So, I've delinked it. If you want the link, email me, and after I've run a thorough google on you, I'll send your name to the FBI.


kingfelix said...

so free with the insults. i am no longer duelling to the death, you'll be pleased to hear, but adding "witty" captions to a picture of a man with a lampshade on his head and then daring to have a go at me. well, it is called projection, where you see your own shortcomings in the form of The Other.

may i suggest a glass of bleach for your good health. drink deeply, child.