Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Where's MoDo?

Maureen Dowd pops up in the New York Times this morning after a long absence, and I am left scratching my head. While her column is predictably anti-Bush, it is eerily subdued. None of her trade mark childishness peeks through. No "icky ca ca doo doo" talk. No far out fantasies about Dick Cheney being Darth Sith (she only once refers to "Bushies"). No "little lost girl in a big man's world" coyness. The whole piece is pretty straightforward and adult-like.

What's going on here? Was she abducted by aliens who replaced her with a look-alike android? Is this the result of a forced intervention/deprogramming by Karl Rove? Or did she simply stop by the Betty Ford Clinic for a few quick ones?

I've got no idea. But the new MoDo is going to be a lot less fun to poke sticks at.


portia said...

Well, short of planting Cass on the NYT's op-ed pages, I, for one, am glad MoDo is back. Most of the guest contributors filling in for her were dreadful, and she was sorely missed through the recent Rove/Plame kerfuffle:) OK, I can do without Rummy in a hot tub, or her head-scratching XY diatribes but I thought today's column was a good display of her delicious tongue-lashings.

Hey, maybe you're finding her writing eerily subdued because you finally recognize that her commentary is not so outrageous but rather is spot on? Hmmm? Ever think of that spd?

*running away*

In case you missed it, Maureen wrote a lovely, touching tribute to her Mom who recently passed away. It's a good read, and it's not difficult to see where she gets her Irish.

spd rdr said...

I used to actually like MoDo alot until she completely went nuts a few years ago (come to think of it, she took a leave of absense then too). I think today's column is much more representative of her older work. The meds must be kicking in.