Friday, August 26, 2005

Fidel Castro Is A Lying Pig

That just needed saying.

Ladies and gentlemen, today's excercise in doublethink

Cuba blames US for deaths of migrants missing after boat capsize at sea

HAVANA (AP) (3rd item)- Cuba on Friday blamed the U.S. government for the deaths of 31 people who authorities believe perished in the Florida Straits when their overcrowded boat capsized during an apparent smuggling trip to the United States.

"We blame the United States for the deaths of 31 people, almost certain that all have died," Cuba said in an official statement published on the front page of the Communist Party daily Granma.

It said the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, which allows Cubans to apply for permanent residency if they reach U.S. shores, is the "principal stimulus for illegal migration, as well as a gross violation of migration accords signed by Cuba and the United States in September of 1994."

The U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday suspended its search for the missing Cubans, three days after three other people were rescued Sunday by a merchant vessel north of Matanzas, Cuba. No one else was found.

The survivors, two women and a man, were being treated in Cuba for burns and dehydration after five days at sea.

That's right folks. We're guilty as hell. The United States is nothing more than an "attractive nuisance", maybe even rising to the level of a "dangerous instrumentality." Plainly, the freedom and properity we enjoy here is attractive to those imprisoned in Fidel's Socialist Paradise. Why else would people leave their homes and families and venture forth upon a darkened ocean? And surely that same lamp of liberty is inheremtly dangerous to Fidel's ability to maintain control over his subject people. It's all our fault.

Screw you, you filthy bastard. I am truly sorry that these people didn't make it over your moat. But I hate you for it. The blood is on your hands.


Cassandra said...

I wish I could find something graceful to say that would bring some sense of comfort, but there really aren't any words, are there?

I am sorry.

KJ said...

Damn you and your attractive paradise!