Friday, May 19, 2006


It'll be one year tomorrow since I last blew up Heigh-ho. Since then, exactly 366 posts have made their way onto my permanent record. (So much for brevity.)

I'm thinking fireworks, only less exciting and completely unnoticed.

Even better. I once partook in a ritual in rural Mexico -( many many moons ago, for those who are counting)- whereby following much ceremony the faithful circled a bonfire and passed a rope between them. As each person publically confessed some personal trangression occuring during the past year, the confessor would tie a knot in the rope, signifying that sin. Finally, the whole penitent bunch of us threw our confessions into the fire and proceeded to get loaded on cheap tequila. Note: I did not inhale.

Well, I can't describe the advantage of being one of two English speaking persons at this event - particularly as the other English speaking person could no longer speak English, thanks to not not inhaling. As I remember, I managed to cover about everything - up to and including that nasty business pertaining to ritual hammock abuse and ...

Hey, we'll just stop there.

Upon such reflection, I'm inclined to make such personal cleansing an annual event. (Or to make such annual cleansing a personal event. Think of it as an annual semi-intellectual enema. One quick flush and ... no evidence.

You've got exactly 24 hours to decide whether I blow Heigh-ho off the map or leave it as evidence for future custody battles. Either way, I'll be back.



Cassandra said...

Having watched you with equal degrees of amusement, bewilderment, and permanent affection from the sidelines for 3 years my friend, I am about 99.9 percent sure anything I say will have an equal and opposite effect from whatever I intend it to. And I have no desire to control your behavior.

Therefore I will say nothing. Anyway, you already know what I think. You always have.

The one thing, however, I will never understand is why you ask when all along you intend to do as you will.

As you should :) Be happy. But try to be patient with the more sentimental fools in this world. We're not trying to pin you down. We just enjoy reading what you write, you big lunkhead.

Cassandra said...

PS: Dear God you are infuriating.

portia said...

What she said.