Thursday, May 18, 2006

Live Blogging - The Book Edition

I thank you all for so many wonderful suggestions as to what I might find interesting as my next pleasure-reading project. As it turns out, I've located an unread tome on the bookshelf that will nicely fill my needs. Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals: The political Genius of Abraham Lincoln." How this gem found its way into my library I haven't a clue (probably a birthday present). Nevertheless, this surprise provides me with an unprecedented opportunity to bore you to death while I attempt to read such a moving, and important history within your own lifespan.

According to my expert's review of the matter (in other words, he examined the little number on the bottom of the last page) this mother is about 754 pages long (not counting acknowledgements and citations). By my learned calculations, such stout and learned heft should supply me with sufficient inane material to last the next 18 months.

So be it, then.

Somebody's go to do it.

"What do I win" asks Portia in the comments below.

You lose.
Believe it.


portia said...

I win!

Portia wrote: Waiting in the queue is "Team of Rivals," by Doris Kearns Goodwin, one of my favorite historians. I'm hoping to get to that by August
5/17/2006 12:33 PM

So what's my prize? Don't answer.

P.S. Thank you for moving down that picture of Charlton Heston and his hook-up so quickly. Unlike Cass, it had a did NOT turn on my "switch." I've never liked Charlton Heston:)

portia said...

I said Don't answer.

Great minds...check your e-mail.
No, you can't borrow my Cliff Notes:)

Cassandra said...

Goodwin is somewhat obnoxious to listen to, but I found her biography of FDR riveting a few years back. Can't remember the name off the top of my head. Something about "our time"??? That would be a really, really good choice too - changed a lot of dumb conservative notions about the New Deal (hah! bet you thought you'd never hear me say that, did you Portia?)

My mind isn't completely closed. I just happen to think the pendulum has swung too far :)

Pile On® said...

This is bullcorn. I worked really hard on my entry. Portia cheated. She bribed the French judge. She is taking performance enhancing drugs.

I am filing an official objection. Portia has to but the first round. Me thirsty.

Pile On® said...

Buy the first round. She can but it too, but that won't be part of my offical complaint.

spd rdr said...

Well, okay then.

Pile On® said...

Oh sure now you are coming around to my point of view. But don't think I don't recognize it as an empty gesture intended to appease the base of your readership.

I know your site meter hits are at an all time low, the lowest in the history of blogs so you are gesturing at me with this empty gesture that you really don't believe in. Your heart is not in it.

I will have you know that I am a contest winner. This site has gotten where it is because of contest winners. Don't ask me to sacrifice my principles by not winning contests.

I won't do it. Screw you. I don't feel very welcome here.

portia said...

Portia cheated. She bribed the French judge....

You lie like a rug, Pile. No way, no how. You're making it up. You mean the Beach Book judge is French? Merde! What was I thinking?

Performance enhancing drug claims too? Hmmm, that's pretty broad category nowadays, don't cha think, mr. On. Do you really want to go there? Think back. rememeber the time, and the time before that when you took...well let's just leave it at that shalle we? You raise that and the whole group of us will be disqualified, and then where will be? No contest, no judge, and no beer.

Is that what you want Pile? Really? I didn't think so. You may have won other contests but not this one.

So let me hear you say it: "Portia won fair and square regardless of the bribe(s) or the drugs.

Now do you want coaster with that beer or not?

spd rdr said...

What the hell are you guys talking about?

portia said...

What the hell are you guys talking about?

Hello?? Beer. Ale. Hops. Lager. And important Friday questions like who has to buy the first round, who gets to but the next.

Good news is I found a way to quench Pile's thirst * before I had to buy the first round.

More "beer" Pile?
Pile? Pile??? Where did he go?

Oh, I guess he went to take that poll. Gee, I wonder how he voted?

* My overtly cheesy contribution to the results of the poll so far.

Pile On® said...

All things in moderation Portia.


portia said...

Moderation, my d*ck.

C'mon Pile. I think the only reason you're trying to temper me is that the picture I posted caused you to question the true utility of your beloved beer:)

Yes, sometimes the truth hurts.

Pile On® said...

I don't claim to know every conceivable utility of beer. It is a highly versatile product. But I would never question a beers utility. Never.

portia said...