Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Girlfriend's Back And You're Gonna Be Sorry

I just knew that if I left her link up on the sidebar long enough that she'd return.

Home girl "One L Michele" is back at "A Small Victory" and is serving up heaping plates of tasty stuff about cars, music, and whatever suits her. And everything's right with the world again.

Go get yourself some.

And welcome back, girlfriend.


Michele said...

Thank you!

Hey, I drove past that intersection this weekend!

spd rdr said...

Why didn't you stop?

Michele said...

Sunday is non-stalking day for me!

spd rdr said...

Oh, yeah. The nuns told me that.

portia said...

A lot of good that did:)

Welcome back Michele.
Damn. Those cars were Classics before they were Classics.
Windows down, radio blasting and West End 2 straight ahead. I still can hear Steppenwolf on the AM radio.

Well, you don't know what
We can find
Why don't you come with me little girl
On a magic carpet ride

Well, you don't know what
We can see
Why don't you tell your dreams to me
Fantasy will set you free

Close your eyes girl
Look inside girl
Let the sound take you away