Friday, May 05, 2006

Just Desserts, Jeeves. Thank You.

As Edmund Burke once wrote: "A long exercise of the mental powers induces a remarkable lassitude of the whole body. "

You ain't kidding either, brother. But nowadays we call it "Happy Hour."

But while I've been busy unlanguishing in hopes of creating such lassitude, (and waiting for Portia to cook up something else interesting to keep the lights on around here), others have been busy busy busy, and just for the hell of it, too.

Fellow Scrappleface progeny and Blog Princess Cassandra (pictured at left) has totally kicked ass had one of her many daily insights awarded as the post of the week by Watcher of Weasels (where they come up with these names, I'll never know). Take a look at her competition, peoples, and tell me this gal ain't got it.

All kidding aside, congratulations, Cass, on once again stealing all of the traffic, awards, and advertising revenue that would be languished* upon Heigh-ho except for the fact that you exist and write tentimes5o times a million times a whole bunch better than I do, and you mostly get your grammer/spelling thingy going a lot more better.

Good for you, girl.

*Two Blogger points for the use of "languish" in the same post without inducing snores; extra points for making readers look up word only to blast you for totally, totally, misconstruing the verb. Hey. You read the small print. I'm a lawyer. Fuggetabouit.


spd rdr said...

Did our, what... grandparents, great-grandparents? really have eyebrows that resemble furry catepillars? And will this come back in style?

Cassandra said...

You are *so* dead, mr rdr.

And the only reason I won was that someone sent me two killer articles to read. Which means you get half the credit.

In other news, my redheaded grandfather on my Mom's side did (have big eyebrows, that is, as I recall). My other granddad (also, oddly enough a redhead, now that I think of it) didn't though. How the heck did I end up with a brunette?

Wow. Is that me? If there's one thing I don't have, it's bushy eyebrows... legacy of all that Scots blood.

Cassandra said...


How the heck did I end up AS a brunette?

I started to say something else and obviously got distracted.

spd rdr said...

So, it's caterpillars, then, eh?

spd rdr said...

With a brunette.

Nice touch.

portia said...

Furry eyebrows, brunette caterpillars? spd, you gotta let go of that TTLB "lowly insect" persona. The next few levels are real mood busters...or maybe not:)

Bravo, Cassandra!! I applaud the wisdom of your fellow bloggers. The only obvious question I have is "what the heck took them so long?" We knew this, and more, a gazillion posts ago.

Don't stop now, girl. You look great in Blue...Blue Ribbons, that is:)

camojack said...

Credit given where due?

What a concept, Katie Scarlet!
(O'Hara, that is...)

Cassandra said...

Thank you, Portia :) It's probably more of a fluke than anything else, but it was still kind of exciting.