Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Blog Princess

Heywood Floyd: Can’t you think of anything else you want for your birthday? Something very special?

“Squirt” Floyd: Yes.

Heywood Floyd: What?

“Squirt” Floyd: A bushbaby.

-2001: A Space Odyssey

Bushbaby or no, many happy returns of the day, Cassandra.
Thanks for bringing so much to our table daily, friend.


Cassandra said...

I don't believe you remembered.

You are the first person to say anything (well, my husband did ask me how it felt to be so old at 4:30 am this morning :)

Thank you. I am very touched.

portia said...

Happy birthday, Cassandra!
I hope the day's celebration is grand, and the year ahead even more so!

spd rdr said...

I know that you're "touched." But Happy Birthday anyway.

Cassandra said...

Thank you Portia. You are very nice, as usual :)

And your friend is a smart ass, but I'm used to that.

Anonymous said...

Birthday? Birthday?
Is this someone's birthday?

Where's the cake, the candles, the stuffed marmoset?

Happy freakin' birthday Cassie!

At least you're younger than me. My son told me the other day that I'm so old I knew Jesus in the second grade. :)

-Don Brouhaha, or a reasonable facsimilie thereof

Cassandra said...

No cake, Don.

I'd never fit all the candles on it.

Pile On® said...

Happy birthday darlin'.

Props spd, I can't even remember my own birthday and it is the natural holiday of all the human kind.

spd rdr said...

Let me guess, Pile: July 4th.

Pile On® said...

No dude. The holiday your buddy Kim Jung tried to steal from me.


Cassandra said...

Well, I remembered your birthday this year Pile, believe it or not. Unfortunately we were in North Carolina that day and I didn't have my computer with me for days before, or after. I am sorry I missed it.

FWIW, it rained and we saw a big snake :) I am not sure what that means - I will leave it to you to figure out.

KJ said...

I'm not touching the big snake thing.

Happy Birthday Cass. Sorry the day after sucks :-P

spd rdr said...

No, KJ, it was "The Day After Tomorrow" that sucked. Ice bergs in Manhattan because of global warming? Okay, I'm buying it.

Cassandra said...

Actually my birthday pretty well sucked too KJ. No worries :)

spd rdr said...

Oh great.
Now I'm feeling better.

Cassandra said...

Well you should feel better. My birthday post was the high point of a very discouraging day, mr rdr.

That, and when my husband came home with a present tucked under his arm. I didn't expect that. I know how busy he is and that was very sweet.

I like men :)