Saturday, May 20, 2006

C'mon people, time's a wastin'

Should mr. rdr blow up Heigh Ho?
Yes, it's about time
No way. Stop with the drama
Still thinking, ask me again next week
Yes, but leave the pictures
No, but add more pictures of naked women
I don't think you really want to know
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Update: Yesterday's 2 PM deadline has come, and gone. HH's loyal commenters hope to continue their less than good-faith collective bargaining efforts soon once we locate management. In the meantime, the polls will remain open until the issue is resolved, every hanging chad is counted or management turns out the lights, which ever happens last.

(Posted by Portia, who will tally the votes independently and without benefit of bribes or performance enhancing drugs, unless, of course, one or both are required.)


spd rdr said...

I hate democracy.

portia said...

That'll teach you to give me the keys:)

Pile On® said...

It has come to my attention that niche blogs can be extremely successful. I think you should make this a blog about the weather in Virginia. would be too general. Make it a blog about the weather in Richmond. That could really take off. So to speak.

Every morning peoples all across Richmond would wake up....check this blog and say, "hey, I think I will dress in layers today".

spd rdr said...

IN Richmond today it will be sunny and breezy with a high about 83 degrees. Look for a front to pass through late in the day, and then darkness for several hours.

KJ said...

Hey, I think I will dress lightly, but take a sweater today.

Pile On® said...