Monday, July 11, 2005

All Star Breakdown

Every year I am asked tell people about what to do during the All Star Break. Generally, I recommend catching up on your sleep. The antics of overpaid jocks banging baseballs over the fence in a Home Run Derby is almost as exciting as the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest. Who cares unless it means another digit in the "W" column? Granted, the Owners of the of World's Greatest Antitrust Exemption have tried to generate some interest in the game by tying the win to home field advantage in the World Series. But in reality its still nothing more than a way for hypsters like "Slappy" Rodriguez (salary=$26 million, batting average .314) to pocket an additional $100K in lunch money, and for the injured to nurse their wounds a few days before returning to battle.

So, you ask I say, what should you do with your free time until real baseball resumes? Well, I might recommend something to do with on everybody's two favorite subjects: baseball and the law. Whoopee.

First, waste some of that billable time playing "Oyez Baseball" over at The Oyez Project; a nifty little site that is chock full of info on the Supreme Court.

Feeling sleepy yet? No? Then try a a little light reading with Roger Abrams' "Legal Bases" and find out how the game is really played off the field. From the review:
The book is organized around "nine men and one woman who played pivotal roles in its history. They constitute our 'All-Star Baseball Law Team.' " The "team" (apparently the 10th player is justified by the designated hitter rule) is chosen to illustrate important principles of baseball and law dating from the 19th century (John Montgomery Ward) through the reserve clause challenge (Curt Flood) to baseball's crimes (Pete Rose). Abrams claims that the importance of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis was too great to fit in just a chapter, but many readers will still wish for more on the man who shaped the business of baseball more than any other single individual.

Was that a little snore I just heard? Good, you're on your way.

I'll wake you up in time for Red Sox v. Evil Empire, Inc. on Thursday in the Court of the Green Monster.


portia said...

__F.3d __ (2d Cir. 2005), rev'g sub nom., In re That Was The Year, 2004 NY. Slip [sic] Op. 10-20-04

spd rdr said...

Very good, Portia!
Next weekend is going to be a helluva showdown.

KJ said...

With reading options like that, I'll just drink and fall asleep to the game.

Pooke said...

You're treading dangerously close here, Spd.

Just kidding. I've always enjoyed your posts at the Institute and your comments over at Scrappleface-If it's okay, I'll blogroll you so that the three people who visit the tree can read your wise analysis of baseball and politics :)

spd rdr said...

Hey Pooke!
You've been on my list for a while (very exclusive). I know that todays post was close to pegging the bore-o-meter, but it the freakin' ll Star Game, so it's only fitting.

Hey, how about that bicycle race they got goin on in France. Is that exciting or what?

portia said...

Did you see these voting results? These people are nuts. How can you leave Jeter behind?
You're right, nothing to see here until Thursday night.

spd rdr said...

Jeter's not going?
He came in second place!

portia said...

With the current roster, the All-Star game might as well be a home game at Fenway. Jeez.

KJ said...

How 'bout that home run derby last night?

*crickets chirping*

spd rdr said...

41 dingers in one support please.