Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mike of My Life

Check, one two.
Check, one two.
Check, one two.

This posting by my favorite blog princess got me thinking: " How come mike checks suck?"

After 70+ years of amplified music, hasn't anybody ever come up with a better mike check. How is it that the most politically sensitive and creative amongst us still employ the most brain-dead, lazy, boring, stupid, lame, etc., methods to make sure that their voice will reach an adoring crowd? Is it enough that perpetually sun-glassed Bono simply cough "check, one two" into a mike, a mike that later might, should the G-8 listen, SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD? Should Sir Paul McCartney be permitted to simply mug and smirk without SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER through his mike checks? I think not.

How about a contest: Best Modern Mike Check. I challenge you to devise the best, honest to God, mike checks for whomever.
Make 'em real.


Jehane said...

You mean you're not wowed by the simple elegance of


spd rdr said...'s a weekend. I am easily distracted.

Jehane said...

Actually I thought of a good one in the middle of the night last night but I'm too ashamed to type it.

spd rdr said...

Don't leave me hanging, Cass. I haven't even come up with one yet.

portia said...

Yeah, come on Cass. Besides if you change your mind after you post, you can delete it with one of those "comments removed by author" notices and have us all really scratching our heads:)

Jehane said...

Sorry - I had too much to do yesteryday :) And probably too much to do today... Will try.

Jehane said...

Besides i don't want to encourage spd

KJ said...

No no no. Don't encourage spd.

How about, "Can you hear me now?"